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Like most plastics, synthetic rubber will eventually become yellowed.  However, original color can be restored by use of ISLAND GIRL®'s SEA GLOW™  product, provided that daylight or, even better, direct sunlight is available to cause the blue fluorescing complex in the SEA GLOW™ to be activated. Of course, this product also removes stains and inhibits the growth of mildew.  When cleaning dyed leather test a small area first. You may have to use the product with water dilution to reduce its ability to remove the surface dye as well as the stains.We have sold directly and indirectly, many thousands of bottles of SEA GLOW™ for this purpose.

It can also be used to prevent yellowing of new shoes and as an adjunt to cusom dying of this type of transparent soles.

For use, follow the instructions shown HERE, with further information on rubber uses shown HERE

     1. Hi: I loved the SEA GLOW™. It worked great on my Jordan basketball soles... but you guys need to make it so it doesn’t ruin glued seams... because it kind of damaged mine... but it helped the soles a lot.Sean M. Covey, June 25th, 2006

Ed: Actually we now know that it is excessive heat not the product that affects the glue of the seams.

     2. Dr. Willis, I purchased SEA GLOW™ for the purpose of using it to restore the clear soles on some shoes (Air Jordan XVIs). I live in Minnesota, so I applied the SEA GLOW™ over the summer because of it needing sunlight to activate. I did two different applications while leaving the shoes in direct sunlight. The product worked great (before and after pictures below). It was tricky to use, but when dealing with such a small surface areas, this is understandable. I actually sold the shoes after I restored the soles, so I don't know how it's holding up, but I have more clear soled shoes that I'll eventually used the SEA GLOW™ on. Thanks for a great product!    - Jason Schultz, February 7th, 2007

     3. Hi. Well, all I can say is that I am very pleased with your service. Shipping was good, customer service was good. I bought your product to clean my shoes, and it works really well. I already recommended your products to a lot of friends.  Thank you very much.    - Pascal Gurtner, May 24th, 2007

     4.   Product worked like a charm on my Jordan Sneakers!!! Definitely going to recommend this product to my friends! Alan Ilusorio, September 18th, 2007

     5.   SEA GLOW™ is great and the service provided by your company even better. Thanks again.   - David Soto, September 20th, 2007


     6. Hi, ... I would like to say that your product was extremely helpful. It cleaned up the clear sole of my shoes (it was brown to the point where most people would give up) after many tries, but it was the only product that did it. The instructions were clear, and straight to the point. I do have one suggestion. It would be more helpful the SEA GLOW™ came with more than one applicator, because mine was beat up and in terrible shape after many uses. But thanks for the great product! would definitely buy from again. - Charles Ricardo, October 2007


     7. Hi! Thanks a lot for the product. I got SEA GLOW™ to give back the whiteness to the sole of a pair of sneakers and it  worked great. I have a sneakers website and posted a review and a SEAGLOW™ ‘How to’ guide; people love it :) It's in Spanish but if you want to take a look a it please go to: .


Dani aja Sanshou

Nov 9th, 2009

     8. Hey IGP:  Thanks for the SEA GLOW™ - that stuff Is truly amazing. I will highly recommend you to all my friends, family, and associates. Thank you, Leo Dias Jr, May 28th, 2008


     9. Hi: The SEA GLOW™ product  is great, i used it for my sneakers. thanks.

Donnie Dickerson, Feb 26th, 2009

     10.  have used SEA GLOW™ on several pairs of shoes with outstanding results. The instructions were pretty straightforward. And the customer service was very quick and helpful. The only thing I found unsatisfactory were the shipping times, but that it simply because you are located in Hawaii, no fault of yours. All in all I have had nothing but great experiences with your products. Thanks, Clay Blesch, May 31 2009    

I     11.  have had great experiences and been very impressed using your products. I primarily use the SEA GLOW™ on the white soles of my shoes and it works wonders.

Thanks, Clay Blesh

Dec 3rd, 2009


     12. The SEA GLOW™ solution is great.  Been using it to clean the clear yellow soles of my great with clearing the yellow.  Thanks

Thiago Valles

Oct 3rd, 20009

     13. Hi:

1. I am satisfied with the ease of application of your products.

2. Instructions are quite clear and easy to follow.

3. I am using your product on only shoes, clear soles of Air Jordans to be exact. They are holding up great. Using with natural sunlight and fluorescent lights to get my results.

4. I have no questions about maintenance, or any other aspect of your products.

5. I have not tried any of your newer products, only the seaglow is needed. I have already ordered 4 bottles and plan on ordering more soon though.

6. All of my orders have been placed on line, and I've had no issues. So customer service has been A+


     14. Only wish product could be found locally so I could save on shipping, also I am a member of Your product is always getting high praise on the forums and message boards by myself and other users. I have also recommended SEA GLOW™ to many other users and will continue to do so! I also appreciate your offer for the free shipping by responding to the email, I will be ordering more product as soon as you get back to me!

Jas Tormey

Nov 9th, 2009



Hi Dr. Willis:

I just wanted to say how excited I am about your combo of SEA GLOW™ together with  SG O.xiboost™ . 

I used them as recommended on some REALLY yellowed (almost brown) soles of some ORIGINAL (15 year old  Space Jams . These soles were originally clear but NOT bluish icy as seen on recent Jordan shoes.  As you can see  the restoration effect is dramatic and this with only 6 applications in wintry New York sunlight.


Patrick Poulard

November 15th, 2015