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    1.  “One of our tasks is maintaining patio furniture for a large number of apartments. Last year we had purchased ISLAND GIRL® Pink™ Cleansing Lotion™ at the San Pedro West Marine Store where it was highly recommended. It did a fantastic job on the webbing of the patio furniture, although it had to be allowed to soak for a few minutes. This year, the store was out of stock so we special ordered Island Girl NEUTRAL CLEAR™ Cleanser/Conditioner,  because of the vinyl preservatives that are present. We finished off with the new SILKENSEAL™ that forms a weatherproof barrier. We have tried all other cleaners carried by hardware stores and West Marine but nothing else works like the products from ISLAND GIRL®.”    - Steve Zarragoza Golden State Maintenance Los Angeles. CA, June 1998

    2.  "I found that ISLAND GIRL® Pink™ Cleansing Lotion solved two very difficult problems:

      a)  My new car had a yellow blotch on the paint-work that was of unknown origin and I did not want to use rubbing compound on the new clear-coat finish. Gentle application of non-abrasive ISLAND GIRL Pink™ using white paper towel and then minimal rubbing, transferred the yellow stain to the towel, with no sign that the paint-work had been adversely affected. After water rinsing and application of a little wax, the area that had been treated was indistinguishable from the surrounding area.

      b) The printed lettering from plastic bread packaging had transferred to the formica kitchen counter top. Again, use of ISLAND GIRL Pink Cleansing Lotion in the recommended fashion (application and rubbing with paper towel, then water rinsing) totally removed the stain.”     - Tony Clark, Van Nuys, CA., July 1997

    3.   ".. ISLAND GIRL® Pink™ Cleansing Lotion was able to remove Sikaflex® boat sealant that had got on my yellow West Marine foul weather top 8 months before. I now plan on taking a bottle with me while cruising in the South Pacific."    - Paul Hale, Alameda, CA. (1997 Oakland Boat Show)

    4.   "You may remember that I came upon your booth at the IMTEC show in Chicago and listened to the presentation of your product. I asked if your product could remove an oil stain on my pants. Not only did your product (ISLAND GIRL® Pink™ Cleansing Lotion) remove the stain but left no water mark or sign that the stain had ever been there. Your product is one of the best products that I have seen in a long time and I have tried them all."     - Capt. W.H Lee, Calimesa, CA., 1996

    5.  "This product (ISLAND GIRL® Pink™ Cleansing Lotion) is amazing! It removed black 3M 5200® adhesive sealant from both the cloth and vinyl upholstery of my truck. Although the sealant had been on the upholstery for about 2 months, it was removed within just a few minutes using paper towel soaked in ISLAND GIRL® Pink™ Cleansing Lotion, followed by water rinsing. Thanks!"  - Gary P. Viggiano, Chula Vista, CA., June 14th, 1997. (Ed: This may have been Sikaflex® , since  5200) is most often white in color..

    6.   “My neighbor put a new dodger on his 36 ft sailboat. He used a ton of duct tape over a 3 month period. He was working away on Saturday trying to remove the tape residue, complaining about a 10 day job! I loaned him my ISLAND GIRL® Pink™ Cleansing Lotion.   The residue wiped off with little effort. He went & bought his own bottle at the local West Marine and finished the job that day.”  - H. Brock San Diego, CA., January 1999

    7.   “We used NEUTRAL CLEAR™ Cleanser/Conditioner on a convertible top on my car. It had black streaks from the mechanism used to fold it out. The product worked great and now we use it all over the boat.”  - Bob Panacek, April 1999

    8.   “I received my package and your products on my floor (white linoleum tiles that  had become yellowed). SEAGLOW™ worked great! There still was some scrubbing involved because the yellowing was very bad in spots. Thanks so much!”    - Michelle Foley, Renton, WA., April 2002


    9.  “I contacted ISLAND GIRL® last June.  I have an automobile which had paint overspray on the exterior, and I had tried every means I could find to remove the over spray.  It was suggested I try the ‘Pink,’ which I did, and the overspray seemed to just disappear.  I was amazed at how easy it was to remove it. I also purchased the MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ to apply to the paint since I have tried almost every type of auto wax on the market.  When we lived in Colorado, altitude and UV were a problem, and now that we live on Maui, salt air and intense sun are a problem.  Even the best waxes tend to lose all their effect after a couple of months.  I applied the MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ to the exterior around the end of June.  It is now the beginning of March and the MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ seems to be protecting just as well as when it was applied.  I am totally amazed at how well it stands up against the elements.  Bugs, etc. come off when you wash the car with very little effort.  It is also much easier to work with than conventional waxes.  I also purchased the SILKENSEAL™ for using on the interior.  I don't like products like Son of A Gun® and ArmorAll® since they tend to make everything very shiny in appearance, and as they start losing protection and in areas like the steering wheel, they get dull and look bad.  The SILKENSEAL™ seems to protect well and gives a natural appearance.  It also does not feel sticky like the other products.  It is also great for leather interiors.  I am recommending to everyone that they should use Island Girl products on their automobiles.”     - Ron Leinweber, Kihei, Maui, HI., March 6th, 2004

    10. “For some time now we have used ISLAND GIRL® Pink™ Cleansing Lotion to remove marker and spray-paint graffiti from the lexan windows of our flower store in downtown San Francisco. In our experience, this is the ONLY product that can remove graffiti without damage to the underlying plastic material and we have tried them all.”   - B. Idzkowski, Bo's Flowers, Market Street San Francisco, CA., July 1999

    11.  “Thank you Dr. Willis on two counts: First for your prompt sending of the product since I was under a critical deadline to remove paint graffiti from lexan windows. These are in place to protect inner windows from vandalism. Secondly, the ISLAND GIRL® Pink™ Cleansing Lotion  removed the heavy green spray paint more effectively and easily than I expected . Unlike other products that I tried, your product did not damage the lexan. Thanks Again.”   - Dennis Janocik, Louisville, KY., February 2001

    12. “I purchased your products to use on my fiberglass-bodied car, it is 16 years old and kept outside all year round. As you can imagine, the gel coat finish has deteriorated over the years, in fact it was every bit as bad as the worst examples on your DVD. The gloss had gone completely, the original electric blue color had faded badly with horrible chalky patches.  In daylight it looked bad, under streetlights it looked a total wreck. I have tried many products and polishes; some had no effect at all. The ones that did work had very short-lived results, the dullness and chalk returning within a week or so. I had decided my only option was to have it painted and then I came across your products on the Internet.... and life suddenly got better!  The results are truly spectacular! With very little effort the SEA GLOW™ restored the color and removed the chalky oxidation together with marks that had defied rubbing compound. A wipe over with SILKENSEAL™ and a coat of wax and it looks fantastic, I only wish I'd taken a 'before' photo! It has an even, streak free finish, which is quite amazing considering everything, is applied with kitchen roll!  It has been 3 weeks now with no signs of any deterioration, dirt washes off easily with plain water and the shine is as good as day one. Interestingly, under streetlights it now has a glowing, luminous quality it has never had before!  Try using the CLEAR HORIZONS™ on PDAs, smart phones or anything with a touch-screen, it dramatically reduces the appearance of finger marks. My son uses it on his Sony PSP - it works great!  Wonderful products, I'll never use anything else and I'd recommend them to anyone. Very many thanks”     - Stuart Routledge, UK, December 7, 2005

    13.  “Anthony: My trucks have held up nicely through a hot NE Washington state summer and a very cold, record setting winter , with more than 5' of snow.  I am pleased and will be treating them again when our days warm up a tad.”

Bill Fields

On Apr 24, 2009

          14.     I used ELIXIR™ to restore the vinyl bumpers on my Toyota Previa. I used the “0000” white scuff pad to apply the product.


Mike LAPorte

June 11, 2013

      15. Dr. Willis:

     As you can see from testimonial # 9 (above), I started using Island Girl Products in 2004 for removal of paint overspray (using IG Pink™) and I then started using MIRROR HARD™ and SILKENSEAL™ to protect (respectively) the paintwork and upholstery.

I found that, even with the sun in Maui, the MORROR HARD™ coating lasted at least 2 years. I will not use any other products.

ISLAND GIRL® Products work as advertized and in the long run are less epensive than any potential competitors. The products are VERY easy to use.


Ron Leinweber (July 24th, 2013)

    16. I have been a professional boat and automotive detailer for 25 years. I work on some of the most expensive boats and cars in West Florida. I have tried every product out there with mixed results. When I found the ISLAND GIRL® products some 18 months ago, I was a bit skeptical of what the results would be.... especially since "I've heard it all  before". All I can say it that these unique products DO work as advertized on boath boats and my customers' expensive cars. REsults asre especially striking on black cars.  Although the products are a little expensive,the long-asting superior results are worth it!

Gary Stamey, Gulfport FL, April 2014. Several examples can be seen HERE


Dear Dr. Willis:

Almost 2 years ago, I used some of your MIRROR HARD Superglaze™

on a brand new black Chevy Silverado truck since it had been recommended to me by a previous customer of yours.

 The finish on the truck is still very shiny and protective.  One thing I noticed was that the truck seems impervious to damage by gravel. Dust does not easily stick to the surface and is easily removed by just rinsing off with water, then wiping dry with microfiber cloth.

 I now have several friends using the product too, who are equally pleased. They use it on their automobiles and  boats. Most recently we did an airplane (2006 TBM 700) with equally dramatic results.



Troy Manning

Manning Seed Company

West Des Moines, IA, May 2016