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ISLAND GIRL PINK™Cleansing Lotion

NEUTRAL CLEAR™ Cleanser/Conditioner


SEA GLOW™Cleanser/Conditioner

UV-pacifying fluorescing agent + BLUE optical brightener complex

Partially pacified / selective solubilizing agents

Each cleanser replaces several other products in addition to having unique properties of its own. For instance, ISLAND GIRL Pink™ displaces use of most detergents, degreasers and dangerous solvents, in addition to acting as  mild paint remover, clean-up agent for marine sealants and to remove plastic breakdown products (gum & oxidation). The polymeric nature of the product ‘locks up’ activity until it is spread on a surface. It is inactivated by water rinsing. Water dilution can also be used to slow action of the product and change spectrum of cleaning activity. No need for warm water, since the diluted product becomes hot when you dilute it!

No need to purchase additional UV protectants or mildew inhibitors with NEUTRAL CLEAR™ and SEA GLOW™ Cleanser-Conditioners!  These products also replenish and augment plasticizers to restore/enhance flexibility to soft plastics and reflective depth to aged gelcoat. While less suitable as general cleaners (only use ISLAND GIRL Pink™ on fabrics or carpet), they are more potent at removal of plastic breakdown products. These are also the only cleaning products that can prevent staining due to algae growth.

SEA GLOW™ is the most complex of our products with a unique ability to divert usually damaging solar UV to restoring original brightness and color to white and originally ‘bright’ colors such as red, blue etc. “Seeing is Believing” as it restores original snowy whiteness to yellowed white plastics or the original “icy look” to yellowed clear rubber soles of Nike Jordan sports shoes.

For all other colors, especially brown, beige etc we recommend NEUTRAL CLEAR™ since this enriches all colors but without abnormally changing them.


Polymeric & co-dissolved

plastic conditioners

Flexible polymeric backbone

Specially selected detergent complex

Conditioner soluble anti-oxidant / free radical scavenger / UV-ozone protectants

Partially pacified / selective solubilizing agents

UV-pacifying fluorescing agents with optical brightener

Plastics compatible, mildew / algae inhibitors