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As described HERE polyvinyl chloride (PVC, "Vinyl") ages by transmigration ("sweating") of plasticizer to the surface (forming "gum" or "sun damage") so that the vinyl "dries out" and becomes less supple. Also UV causes color fade, yellowing (white or clear vinyl) and oxidation that breaks up the polymeric chains of PVC. Finally, cross-linking of the polymer chains can produce severe brittlenss and cracking.

The ISLAND GIRL®  Product System is designed to protect against each of these aging processes. ISLAND GIRL Pink™ Cleanser, used with water dilution is good for just removing minor surface grime, SILKENSEAL™, seals the surface of vinyl to prevent gumminess and drying out of the vinyl. On semi-rigid vinyl (cowl vents, fender tops, lifelines, shorepower cords) we find that an outer coating of MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ over the SILKENSEAL™ layer prevents return of gumminess for at least one year.

Our Cleanser-Conditioners (SEA GLOW™ and NEUTRAL CLEAR™) selectively remove gum and oxidation without damaging good underlying vinyl, and the special conditioners protect against oxidation, cross linking,  color fade or yellowing. The Special fluorescing agents in the conditioner actually reverse the damaging effects of UV to actually improve appearance and longevity. The effects of SEA GLOW™ in prevening and reversing yellowing are legendary with many thousands of satisfied customers. For severe yellowing our new O.XIBOOST™  speeds up the whitening effect. Our Cleanser-Conditioners also prevent discoloration and breakdown of vinyl due to growth of mildew and algae.

The illusrations below show examples,  of SEA GLOW™ and SILKENSEAL™ used together on vinyl,as per our "Online Instruction Book".   Numerous instructional videos are also available for the use of ISLAND GIRL® Products

SEA GLOW™ on striped upholstery
Blue seat cushion restored by SEAL GLOW™ and SILKENSEAL™

Example of how SEA GLOW™ removes "sun damage" (mainy exuded plasiticizer with some surface breakdown of the vinyl).

SILKENSEAL™ then provides an "as new" surface.

See video of this process  HERE, and HERE

For Video demonstrations:

On Upholstery, Click HERE

For VInyl Auto Top, Click HERE


Grey vinyl upholstery fabric was treated in a small area with SEA GLOW™ and then SILKENSEAL™,

It was then kept outside and away from direct sunlight (under a bush) while exposed to Florida's heat and humidity for 5 months. A piece of this material was then directly scanned into a computer. The unretouched image shown below. Protection against mildew by SEA GLOW™ with SILKENSEAL™ is also shown in this video.

SEA GLOW™ restoration of white vinyl cowl vents

For Video demonstration:

Click HERE

ISLAND GIRL®'s SEA GLOW™ restores white vinyl fender

For Video Demonstration on boat fenders & power cords:

Click HERE