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Fiberglass Gelcoat: For more Information, Click HERE

Boat hulls, non-skid decks, RVs, surfboards and more. Benefits include preventing deterioration due to UV, oxidation, algae and mildew.

Vinyl: For more Information, Click HERE

Prevention of yellowing and its removal on synthetic rubber shoe soles, boat fenders,  cowl vents ("dorades"), lifelines, power cords, upholstery, inflatable dinghies, clear vinyl ("isinglass") of convertible rear windows, boat side curtains, dodgers and more. Benefits include preventing deterioration due to UV, oxidation, algae and mildew. In many cases, stain removal is also possible.

Hypalon, Natural & Synthetic Rubber: For more Information, Click HERE

Inflatable dinghies, RIB collars, ignition cables and more. Benefits include prevention of deterioration from UV, oxidation, midew and algae. Also  prevention of stains from air or water borne pollutants.  Our product system is especially suitable for mainting and restoring white or brighly colored fabric (very important on white hypalon  e.g. Novorania, Achilles etc). Also, prevention and removal of yellowing on clear "icy" sports shoe soles rubber.

Leather: For more Information, Click HERE

Use SILKENSEAL™ both as a mild cleaner and to seal the surface. Use water-diluted IG PInk™ to remove stubborn grime before sealant application. See important technical information before using any potent cleaner on leather since it may have a delicate lacquered surface.  

Painted & varnished surfaces: See our Online Instruction Book

For two-part (catalyzed) urethane and epoxy, single part urethane, epoxy, latex and all conventional painted surfaces.

ISLAND GIRL Pink™ Cleanser is ideal for safely removing scuff marks, tape residue, bugs, tar, pen or crayon marks, overspray and more. ELIXIR™ is perfect for removing oxidation and restoring surface shine and water-repellancy, as seen HERE. Alternatively our Cleanser-Conditioners can be used prior to resealing the surface with our products.  

Lacquered Surfaces: See our Online Instruction Book

See important technical information before using cleansers on delicate lacquered surfaces. Nail polish is a lacquer and many leather goods and upholstery have a lacquered surface that should be protected from use of strong solvent or our undiluted Cleansers.

Lexan, glass & Acrylic: See our Online Instruction Book

Portlights and hatches, canopies and windshields, mirrors, eyeglasses, sunglasses, binoculars and more. CLEAR HORIZONS™ prevents water and dust accumulation making glass and clear plastics more clear and glare free while reducing fingermarks. Steeply sloped windshields  become "invisible" and glare free. Windshield wipers just glide quietly with no chatter. Surface yellowing of Lexan is removed by our Cleanser-Conditioners, even more potently by ELIXIR™ that also slows down future oxidation, especially after sealing the surface with NON-SLIP Superglaze™ among our other products.

Polished & Cast metal, chrome, glossy ceramics: See our Online Instruction Book

CLEAR HORIZONS™ creates incredible shine on interior chrome and ceramics. MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ is best for preventing corrosion for many months and will not crack or peel.

Water clean-up liquid masking for paint or varnish jobs: See Movie HERE

HAWAIIAN BLUE MASKING GEL™ provides protection against overspray, oil spills, airborne pollutants and more. It can even be used on rough, porous and awkwardly shaped or delicate surfaces where masking tape cannot be used. More on the blue masking gel see seen in this video.

General Clean Up:

To replace harsh and non-selective solvents and all detergents and soaps use ISLAND GIRL Pink™ . UNDILUTED, it is used as a "remover" to safely clean most surfaces including painted walls, carpet and woven fabrics. It removes grease, paint, marker, crayon marks and nail polish . It cleans up uncured 2-part calalyzed resins, glues and sealants. Also uncured or cured single-part boat sealants including silicone, Sikaflex™, even 3M® 5200!  IG Pink™ also softens and removes baked on adhesive residue from tape and lettering. See list of Videos on all uses of ISLAND GIRL Pink™.

WITH WATER-DILUTION, IG Pink™ cleans up pet stains, and grime from carpet, also useful as a bilge and toilet cleaner. Dilution even warms the water so  that a source of warm water may not be necessary!  For more Information, Click HERE, HERE & HERE

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