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Introduced in January 1997, SILKENSEAL™ is the perfect companion product to ISLAND GIRL® Cleansers, since it uniquely combines with and seals in the anti-aging conditioner of our SEA GLOW™ and NEUTRAL CLEAR™ Cleanser-Conditioners.

Applied as an air-dried coating, SILKENSEAL™ forms a durable, yet renewable "plastic skin" over the underlying surface. The product is suitable for use on leather or on vinyl, hypalon and other opaque plastics, including fiberglass gelcoat. It protects all clean surfaces from penetration by water, dust, air pollutants, oxidation and spores of mildew and algae.

SILKENSEAL™ inhibits the development of vinyl gumminess that is caused by "surface transmigration" of the plasticizers, whether the original plasticizers or their replenishment from the conditioners of our Cleanser-Conditioners.

SILKENSEAL™ also differs from other "protectant" products, in that the final finish does not feel slippery or greasy and will not crack or peel. An intriguing propery of this product, is that the silken surface skin can, if desired, be gently buffed to a high gloss using a soft microfiber towel.

On hard surfaces, such as gelcoat, the SILKENSEAL™ skin can serve as a foundation prior to waxing, or even used to provide a high gloss protective finish over waxed surfaces.

Also, by sealing the surface of older porous gelcoat, a layer of SILKENSEAL™ allows better, more consistent results with uniform shine when applying our SIMPLY BRILLIANT Superwax™ (or MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ ). That is why it is an integral part of our original "3-Step" gelcoat restoration process,  where is also keeps liquid conditioner from our Cleanser-Conditioners down in the gelcoat pores, so that it cannot rise up and interfere setting of the resins.  This is explained  HERE

Surface cleanliness of the sealed surface is readiy maintained by wiping over with wet microfiber cloth. Grimy surfaces can cleaned by diluted soap and water even copiously diluted ISLAND GIRL Pink™ Cleanser.

As the SILKENSEAL™ surface wears away, the cleaned surface can be periodically freshened by further application of the product.  If over time, the surface becomes too thick or grimy, it can be removed by one of the ISLAND GIRL® Cleansers and a fresh coating applied .

On Semi-rigid vinyl items (cowl vents, fender tops, lifelines) SILKENSEAL™ can be used as a flexible undercoat for a layer of MIRROR HARD Superglaze™. This will completely prevent gumminess for at least one year.