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This is the most versatile cleanser available for virtually any surface and since 1995 has been used by many thousands of discerning boaters and householders.

Over the years, we improved the formula of ISLAND GIRL Pink™ for increased versatility and ease of use. Originally named ISLAND GIRL Cleansing Lotion™ (Jan 1995), the product was reformulated and renamed in January 1996, coinciding with a change in color from ruby red to "blush pink".  The indicator dye allowed the user to see where the product was and showed areas of yellow oxidation (they became pink). However, the red dye might temporarily stain white gelcoat and so its content was reduced to a minimum. Also, over the years, the detergent action of the Lotion has been further increased and foaming decreased. Cleansing actions of the product are now faster, regardless of climatic conditions; effects are still accelerated by warmth and sunlight that help "unlock" activity from a polymeric complex. The product is gentle and mild to the unprotected hands, and yet is sufficiently potent to strip paint! Regardless, use of vinyl gloves is recommended.

The potent actions of the product in removing gum and oxidation from plastics and in cleaning up mess from baked-on tape residue, paint overspray, spilled resin and boat sealers, even cured 3M 5200™, are uniquely selective and user controllable. Consequently, the underlying surfaces such as lexan, gelcoat or vinyl upholstery are not damaged. [TWO EXCEPTIONS, HOWEVER:  Do not use without water dilution on older plexiglass or on delicate lacquered surfaces since damage might be caused ].  

After final rinsing with water, ISLAND GIRL Pink™ leaves solid surfaces "squeaky clean" for your choice of protective finish (SilkenSeal™ wax, paint, varnish etc. ). The product can be used with appropriate water dilution to slow down its actions on delicate surfaces or to remove bird droppings. Further diluted with water, the lotion can even be used as a "super soap" for washing boats, cars even even laundry and dishes - ideal for voyagers on boats or RVs!

ISLAND GIRL Pink™  is unsurpassed as a remover/ cleanser of marks and graffiti on walls. Since no plastic conditioners are present in its formulation, use of ISLAND GIRL Pink™ followed by water rinsing, leaves underlying surfaces clean and grease-free. Consequently, the  product is uniquely useful in removing  greasy marks, dried paint and nail polish from carpet and for spot cleaning of woven fabrics. On house walls, use with water dilution for removing minor grime and fingermarks. Used with water dilution, this product is the best possible cleaner for carpets in rental carpet machines where professional results are easily obtained at minimal cost - click HERE for more information.

Our newer Cleanser-Conditioners (NEUTRAL CLEAR™ and SEA GLOW™) contain anti-aging and restorative conditioners that penetrate the surface and therefore better for restoring older vinyl , hypalon and and smooth gelcoat but NOT suitable for use on fabrics (because of the residue). However water-diluted  ISLAND GIRL Pink™ is still preferable for light cleaning of new and restored plastics.

Regardless of which cleansers are used, additional surface protection and waterproofing is generally necessary. Our  SILKENSEAL™ product is ideally suited for this purpose on soft plastics, since it provides a physical barrier that stops the return of gumminess produced by surface migration of vinyl plasticizer and prevents penetration of most stains. On gelcoat, its use in combination with carnuaba wax is now largely superseded by using our SIMPLY BRILLIANT Superwax™ and/or MIRROR HARD Superglaze™.


at 1996 Oakland Boat Show