Sea Glow™ & Neutral Clear™

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Partially restored white boat fender

Black gummy boat fender partially cleaned with with SEA GLOW™ Cleanser-Conditioner

General Description:

These "Cleanser-Conditioners"  evolved from our initial success with ISLAND GIRL Pink™ ("IG Pink™) . However, they are more potent in ability to remove surface gumminess, scale and oxidation and (unlike IG Pink™) uniquely impregnate the  underlying material with nourishing plastic conditioners. These  protect against damage by UV, mildew and algae while also brightening and protecting the colors. SEA GLOW™ is unique in  being able to prevent and reverse yellowing of white and clear plastics. [We now only recommend IG Pink™ to be used with copious water dilution for general cleaning of brand new (or restored) vinyl, rubber and other plastics, leather, gelcoat, paintwork etc.]

Compared with IG Pink™ there is some reduction in versatility as cleaning agents: the residue of non-water soluble conditioner does make these products unsuitable for spot cleaning of carpets, walls and some other surfaces.

How They Work:

Our Cleanser-Conditioners were initially developed to remove surface gumminess, while also preventing  the "drying out" of vinyl that eventually leads to brittleness and cracking: Even new vinyl fenders, cowl vents and inflatable dinghies start to become gummy within months of exposure to hot sunny conditions. The gum is derived from the original plasticizers transmigrating to the surface  ("sweating") by the heat of the sun. This process becomes accelerated by increased porosity of the original vinyl surface through scuffing, UV damage and inadvisable attempts at cleaning with acetone or MEK. These non-specific solvents damage  vinyl surfaces leaving them "raw" and leaky.  The exuded gum attracts airborne pollutants and so it is often becomes dark brown or black in appearance. In hot, humid conditions (e.g. in Florida) mildew feeds on this gummy material and should first be removed by Clorox® or similar chlorine-donating bleach.

On thicker vinyl, accumulated gum usually dries to form a blistered scaly surface overlying yellowed surface oxidation. On vinyl upholstery, a much thinner darkened surface, impregnated by grime, is of similar origin and is commonly called "sun damage" that is impervious to regular cleaners.

1. A Need Fulfilled

Our  original ISLAND GIRL® Cleansing Lotion™ ( reformulated in 1996 as "ISLAND GIRL PINK Cleansing Lotion™)  was very popular for its ability to selectively dissolve away surface gum, without dissolving undamaged vinyl. However, It occurred to us that constantly removing the gum did not deal with the underlying "drying out" of the vinyl .

a) Maintaining Suppleness by Replenishing Plasticizers.

That is why we developed our two "Cleanser/Conditioners" : NEUTRAL CLEAR™ (originally called "CRYSTAL CLEAR")  and SEA GLOW™). These contain special long chain polymers that penetrate and nourish the vinyl. These products selectively remove surface gum and oxidation from vinyl and rubber [and are more potent in this respect than IG Pink™] whilst allowing the polymeric conditioner to penetrate and cling to the intermolecular spaces of the underlying surface. In this way, the conditioner replenishes the original vinyl plasticizers lost through oxidation and evaporation.

b) Removal and inhibition of oxidation

All ISLAND GIRL® Cleansers dissolve away yellow or chalky oxidation from both the surface and deep micro-crevices of all plastics, including hypalon and gelcoat.  However the polymeric conditioner of our two Cleanser-Conditioners has an additional benefit: it inhibits return of oxidation after the pre-existing oxidation and partially degraded material has been removed by the deep cleansing action of the products. Furthermore, being a fluorescent liquid, the conditioner adds depth to dark-colored material and brightness to white and colored material.

c) Protection against color fade, yellowing and other UV damage

The UV from sunlight is nature's sterilizing agent in that it kills harmful bacteria.  However, in a related way it damages man-made materials. UV sets off a "free radical" chemical chain reaction that cause normally flexible polymeric chains in vinyl, rubber and other plastics to cross link and therefore become stiff and brittle.  It also destroys colored pigments, by acting like a bleach, resulting in “color fade”.

The Fluorescing agents in our Cleanser-Conditioners "pacify" the UV by using up its energy in intensifying the natural colors of the colored pigments in the plastic. Thus, as predicted, color fade  is greatly reduced [See testimonial #10 by a European  manufacturer of hypalon in Europe.] The rigidity caused by cross linking is also prevented, again acting to maintain suppleness of the plastic. This effect is in addition to providing additional plasticizers as described above.

In 1997, both Cleanser-Conditioners were further improved and now contain up to 14 special ingredients that are complexed together in carefully field-tested proportions. Both products have been designed to protect against growth of mildew and algae in the hot and humid climatic conditions of Florida and other areas with a similar climate.   [Penetration of plastic surfaces by these organisms  can lead to formation of black mildew spots or the brown/pinkish algae discoloration of older white vinyl surfaces.] These actions are an addition to all the other anti-aging properties of these products. For removing severe yellowing of white or clear plastics, use in conjunction with our O.xiboost Product.

2. Superiority  to "Store Bought " Cleaners"

A video showing comparison of SEA GLOW™ with the two leading brands is shown below.

NOBODY  has yet come up with comparable products with almost 20 years of customer feedback and field trials. Example on a sports shoe is also shown below:

3.  Difference  between SEA GLOW™ and NEUTRAL CLEAR™ Cleanser Conditioners?

While both products have very similar restorative and anti-aging properties, SEA GLOW™ is unique  in eliminating and preventing yellowness of white and clear plastics, including the synthetic rubber soles of Nike Jordan Sports Shoes - a customer discovery!  This is due to SEA GLOW™'s  unique combination of fluorescent activators and special blue dye. Although it is also useful in brightening other colors (red, orange, yellow, blue etc) it is NOT suitable for “earth-tones” (beige, brown etc) since it will react with the white pigment particles  to make the surface abnormally light or "purple" colored.

By Contrast NEUTRAL CLEAR™ (as it name implies ) can be used on ANY color  - it is just not so effective in  combatting the yellowing of white and clear plastics.

4. Summary

Our  Cleanser-Conditioners exert protection against sun damage, conserve elasticity and minimize discoloration by mildew and algae. They also restore older surfaces (provided that there is some good underlying material) by removing gum, surface oxidation and partially broken down plastic (may leave the surface temporarily sticky until sealed with SILKENSEAL™ ).

Perfected over the years, these proprietary  products provide protection where it is most needed - within both the surface and deeper layers of the plastic. Ideally, these products should be used in combination with our new SILKENSEAL™ sealant protectant. This seals in the plasticizing conditioner together with its associated protective molecules, while inhibiting return of gumminess. It also provides a physical barrier against penetration by atmospheric water, pollutants, grime, and spores of  mildew and algae.