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ISLAND GIRL® Product Catalogue

-  As of March 2021

SILKENSEAL™ “Plastic Skin”  Protectant     Learn More   

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MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ Learn More

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This water-based catalyst accelerates curing of SIMPLY BRILLIANT™ Superwax™,  MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ and  NON-SKID SEALANT™.   Wipe over the underlying  surface with SB Catalyst™ and allow it dry before applying the coating. Use of this catalyst is optional but recommended at temperatures below 65o F . and/or on older porous gelcoat:  it reduces "soaking in"  of the resins, since they cure more rapidly. When wiped into the partially cured surface of these resin coatings it promotes rapid hardening but without slickness. Therefore it is recommended for underfoot surfaces.

ISLAND GIRL®'s ELIXIR™  16 Oz ottle


ELIXIR™ is easier and faster to use,  more effective and longer lasting than any other product or combination of products for the removal and prevention of chalky oxidation in gelcoat. It also makes ANY color of gelcoat “come alive”  with increased brightness, richness and depth. It is particularly effective in preventing color fade and oxidation of dark/colored gelcoat (black, dark green or blue, maroon, red) - even in tropical conditions!  This product is similarly effective on paint-work  semi-rigid vinyl, hard plastics  and some metal surfaces.

Use of ELIXIR™ (especially on colored stripes) complements that of our existing “3-step system”  on older porous gelcoat. Alternatively it is used as the first step in our “Hawaiian 2-Step” process, where its use is followed by a coating of MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ for astounding gloss and protection against weathering, A single 16 Oz bottle is usually enough for 20-36 ft boat.


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ISLAND GIRL®'s Hawaiian Blue Masking Gel Kit

This unique 2-part catalyzed carbogel,  temporarily protects clean surfaces from pollutants (old engine oil, varnish or Cetol®).  It can also be used to mask awkwardly shaped, inaccessible and rough and/or absorbent surfaces against overspray and spills of paint, oil and other contaminants, including airborne dust. Such items are difficult or impossible to properly  mask using conventional methods of paper and adhesive tape.

The gel (together with contaminants) is removed by use of a water jet or by use of a brush and a bucket of water. The application procedure involves daubing the underlying surface with a thin coat of our proprietary surface-activated catalyst. Then the blue gel is applied by sponge, brush or roller. The gel "sets up" to form a gelatinous and impervious "skin".


Repeated layers can be built up in order to protect rough and/or porous surfaces (raw wood, non-skid decking, even concrete!)  The blue color of the gel indicates how thick the coating has become.  Under dry conditions, this gelatinous mask can be allowed to remain on the surface for several days when it forms a rubbery skin. This can be thickened by new layers of gel or moistened between sanding coats to help lay dust.  When the job is complete, the gel layer (with overspray etc) is readily removed by hydrating with water and brushing, as already described

All of the above products can be used together as a “system” to restore and preserve  old gelcoat ,vinyl, rubber and more. See our ONLINE INSTRUCTION BOOK for details of usage on different materials.

ISLAND GIRL Pink Cleanser, 16 Oz Bottle

The world’s most safe, versatile and cost-effective remover/cleanser. THIS PRODUCT SHOULD BE IN EVERY HOUSEHOLD!

This is our original product, used by many thousands of boaters and homeowners  since 1995. It has more uses than any other product available from us or any other company.

ISLAND GIRL Pink™ is completely inactivated and rinsed off with water. It is therefore  suitable for use on canvas, carpet and other fabrics as well as fiberglass, vinyl, rubber and durable painted surfaces. Undiluted, It safely remove mess and stains from paint, ink and adhesive sealants from virtually any surface. It was the first product capable of safe & selective chemical removal of  oxidation from plastics, although its use for this purpose is now superseded by our newer “Cleanser/Conditioners”. This product is perfect for cruisers, ocean racers, and boat builder/restorers. This is because when used undiluted it cleans up all two-part (uncured) resins, paints and varnishes and even cleans up uncured or completely cured polysulfide and polyurethane sealants.  It is unparalleled at cleaning non-skid decks from oxidation and boatyard grime including bottom paint dust.

Use with water dilution for pet stains, bird droppings etc and general-purpose clean up and yet safely replaces use of most solvents with their flammable and nauseous fumes.

[Note: The product should not be used on delicate lacquered leather and other surfaces. Use with care on single part painted surfaces and do not use on older heat-bent Acrylic (“plexiglass’) since crazing may be increased or engendered].

ISLAND GIRL®'s Neutral Clear Cleanser 16 Oz Bottle

Although less versatile than "IG Pink™", it is stronger at removing  chalky or yellow oxidation, gum and other plastic breakdown products.  This Cleanser/Conditioner is especially suitable for keeping soft and flexible plastics supple. This is because it impregnates the underlying surface with a special conditioner that augments and replenishes original plasticizers.  This penetrating preservative conditioner also protects against oxidation due to UV or ozone while protecting against, color fade and discoloration due to growth of mildew or algae.

This product is recommended for preservation of new plastics of any color (just wipe over and then seal with SILKENSEAL™.  On older fiberglass gelcoat, NEUTRAL CLEAR™ can chemically remove deep-seated chalky oxidation, even restoring original depth to black gelcoat.  Then the surface must be sealed as shown HERE.

NEUTRAL CLEAR™ brightens and gives depth to any color, but is  particularly suitable for “earthtones” ( beige, cream, brown etc), where SEA GLOW™ cannot be used (because it will alter the color).  

These Cleanser/Conditioners are generally NOT for use on woven fabric or carpet (residual conditioner would leave a be "greasy" residue.

[Note: When originally introduced in 1996, this product was named “CRYSTAL CLEAR Cleanser & Conditioner”.

[Note: The product should not be used on delicate lacquered leather and other surfaces. Use with care on single part painted surfaces and do not use on older heat-bent Acrylic (“plexiglass’) since crazing may be increased or engendered].


Seeing is believing! SEA GLOW™ restores original snowy

whiteness to white plastics that have become yellowed and renews original luminescent brightness to bright- colored plastics and rubber Such materials, include gelcoat, hypalon and vinyl. Even very bad looking fenders and dorade vents can be restored, as long as daylight is periodically present to power the fluorescence.  

The special blue/fluorescent conditioner is remarkable in ability to penetrate clear plastics and rubber, so preventing and reversing deep-seated yellowing. It does this with out the damaging effects of bleaches such as hydrogen peroxide. We have sold many thousands of bottles of this product to sports shoe collectors! This product is recommended for new plastics/rubber that are white or ‘icy” clear (just wipe over and then seal the surface.

The effects on other colors that are intended to be "bright" is equally amazing.  For Maroon,  grey or dark green, either SEA GLOW™ OR  NEUTRAL CLEAR™   Cleanser/Conditioners can be used. However, SEA GLOW™ is NOT suitable for use on “earth-tone” colors since the white pigment particles will become too bright resulting in a mottled abnormal lightening of the color.  

After use, the surface must be sealed with SILKENSEAL™   (or NON-SKID SEALANT™ on shoe soles) after use. Again, this Cleanser/Conditioner is not generally recommended for fabrics or carpet.

[Note: The product should not be used on delicate lacquered leather and other surfaces. Use with care on single part painted surfaces and do not use on older heat-bent Acrylic (“plexiglass’) since crazing may be increased or engendered.


A surface coating of this this superlative "plastic skin" product seals and protects all soft plastics, including vinyl upholstery, vinyl or hypalon inflatable dinghies. Used after our cleansers, we guarantee, at least 3 months before appearance of stickiness on vinyl fenders, vents and inflatable boats caused by “sweating” of the plasticizer.  It leaves a protective silken surface on fine leather upholstery or clothing.  It can also be used on opaque hard plastics and varnished wood.  The sealed finish is not greasy or too slick and has a nice “silken” brand new feel (a finger will squeak when rubbed on the surface). However, the surface can still be buffed to high gloss with a soft (preferably Microfiber) cloth . The product is ideal for use on inflatable boats, vinyl or leather upholstery, leather goods and rubber.

SILKENSEAL™ Also has importance in sealing  the surface of older gelcoat (that tends to be porous). As part of the ISLAND GIRL® "3-Step Process", SILKENSEAL™ is used as an "undercoat" to seal the surface before application of our "wipe on" SIMPLY BRILLIAN Superwax™. SILKENSEAL™ is also useful for  "quick shine" touch up of  previously waxed gelcoat.  A 12 Oz bottle  is easily enough for a 30ft  boat and accessories.

Since SILKENSEAL™  has a mild cleansing action it is ideal or the mild cleaning and protection of new or restored surfaces especially leather upholstery.


This product is unrivaled for use on glass or plastic windshields and clear vinyl (isinglass) dodgers, side curtains etc. The slick, water-repellent surface is resistant to smudging and scratching.  A special clear polymer fills in microscopic scratches, so reducing glare and increasing optical clarity.  

CLEAR HORIZONS™ the only long-lasting water repellant and glare - reducing treatment for both glass (clear and mirrored)  AND clear plastics.  Unlike Rainex® - type products that contain harsh chemicals,  CLEAR HORIZONS™ is safe for optical coatings or clear plastics and it  can be used on both sides of windshields.   CLEAR HORIZONS™ removes/prevents fingerprints and fills in scratches on computer screens, brushed aluminum computer casings  iPods® iPads® etc.  The gentle nature of CLEAR HORIZONS™ enables it to safely clarify coated optical surfaces including eyeglasses, CD's and DVD's.

It produced excellent shine on ceramics and interior chrome or polished metal. However, for protection against corrosion on external surfaces, we now recommend our SIMPLY BRILLIANT Superwax™ or (even better) our MIRROR HARD Superglaze™.


Wiping  on one or two thin coats of this product produced a brilliant shine without laborious buffing and protective water beading that lasts  for YEARS! Use this product on on older gelcoat after restoring with our Cleanser/Conditioners and sealing the surface with SILKENSEAL™ [ the “3 Step Process”]

Introduced over 14 years ago,  the  newest version of this product  sets much faster (especially when using our new SB Catalyst™ )  and has  greatly increased coverage.  It is also more stain-resistant with optimized UV protection and ability to protect against color fade.  Synthetic (non-yellowing) wax particles help to plug the surface pores or scratches and increase ability to withstand weathering. Three special resins cure into  a very tough, hard surface, yet  initial water repellency  is seen within minutes.

With  a super-hard synthetic resin/wax  base, this coating does what others cannot. Just wipe on one or more coats with  paper towel  and walk away (no buffing!).  A mirror finish is produced and application marks just disappear!  

No special  applicator is required  and only 1 to 3 coats are usually needed (unlike water-based acrylics that need 6-12 coats to soak into the pores). Unlike water-based acrylics, this product can be used on newer boats and is GUARANTEED  NOT TO YELLOW, FLAKE OR PEEL!  Each 12 Oz bottle provides enough material for up to a 36 ft boat (depending upon amount of freeboard, gelcoat condition etc). SILKENSEAL™ is recommended as a sealing "undercoat"  to seal  porosity of the gelcoat (avoids wastage of wax that otherwise soaks in) and for routine touch up. An outer coating of MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ can be used for extra weathering protection and astounding gloss.

[Note: this product is not usually necessary when using out new “Hawaiian 2 Step Process” since is an integral part of the formulation of “ELIXIR™]

ISLAND GIRL®'s MIRROR HARD Superglaze™  Bottle

This special emulsion of resins and anti-oxidants, seals and helps preserve gelcoat non-skid decks against oxidation, mildew and staining by air or water-borne or oily contaminants including bird and spider droppings. Routine clean - up with water and mild brushing is then possible since most contaminants (e.g. bird droppings) do not stick

There is NO reduction in underfoot grip in wet conditions.  A NEW use for this product is sealing the soles of sports shoes against staining, again with no reduction in underfoot grip. Its use is recommended after use of SEA GLOW™  to remove or prevent yellowing of sports shoe Soles.

The Product has been slightly reformulated for use on smooth gelcoat or autopaintowrk and plastics .

One very thin tough, shiny layer of this simple “wipe on” resin coating will protect against weathering of paint, NEW or restored  fiberglass gelcoat and most opaque plastics, even finished wood furniture and imitation stone countertops.  A coating of this product protects chrome and polished, anodized,  cast or sandblasted metal against corrosion.  As seen HERE, polished brass can  be protected for over a year!

As long as the surface is clean, dry and free of  water spots, no special surface preparation is required. MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ fills compounding/polishing scratches. It  and can be applied over any wax , including a coating of our SIMPLY BRILLIANT Superwax™ (“3-Step process”) where it provides extra shine and protection against sooty stains.

On semi-rigid vinyl, MIRROR HARD Superglaze ™ applied over a coating of  SILKENSEAL™ provides  almost total prevention of gumminess on the tops of vinyl fenders or cowl vents.  On painted surfaces in good condition, this product  deoxidizes paint as it seals and fills swirl marks. Our new Hawaiian 2-Step Process" uses ELIXIR™

to deoxidize, rejuvenate and preserve older gelcoat. When this product dries back to provide a sealed and waterproof surface, an outer coating of MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ is applied. The resulting high gloss weatherproof finish will look “better than new” and will bead water for a up to 3 years. Click HERE to see how new Sailboat has been kept "as new" for 7 years.

This product is best used when the boat, car etc is still new. See how a 7 year old sailboat has been protected from new by this product, including the interior woodwork. Many exmples of product use adn results obatined can be seen by clicking  HERE.

Each 12 Oz bottle provides enough product for up to a 34 ft boat. a 20 ft RV or 4-5 cars!

ISLAND GIRL®'s O.xiboost bottle

SG O.xiboost™ accelerates & boosts the anti-yellowing, whitening effects of SEA GLOW™ without interfering with its other anti-aging properties.

It acts by providing a gentle source of free radical oxygen (O.) that is carried through the surface of rubber and plastics by constituents of regular SEA GLOW™

It contains a very weak & safe solution of Hydrogen Peroxide that is protected from breakdown by the black containiner


ELIXIR™    [Temporariy out of stock - call]

NON-SLIP Superglaze™

[Temporariy out of stock - call]

THERE IS NO OTHER PRODUCT IN THE WORLD THAT HAS THE PROPERTIES OF SlickSeal™, especially for boat hulls and automobile paintwork.

First: It acts as a catalyst to accelerate curing of the resins in MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ when applied both under or over the applied resin coating. Applied underneath it is rubbed to dryness, when it also helps seal porosity as on neglected gelcoat. When sprayed onto the partially cured resin surface and gently wiped with microfiber cloth, there is almost immediate hardening with a slick shiny surface.

Second:It can be used alone to replace all "clean and shine" products such as Armorall® or TopCoat® . It will maintain the appearance of new or restored paintwork, chrome, gelcoat, metal, opaque or clear plastics, even glass.

Third: It is the perfect companion to ISLAND GIRL®'s "3 step" or "2 Step" System for gelcoat restoration -  not only during application, but also for routine touch up after washdowns to maintain the original shine.

SlickSeal™  Incorporating SB Catalyst™

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