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"...Reviewer's choice: '

Island Girl®; Cleansing Lotion worked best on the hypalon inflatable (versus 8 other products) and is excellent for a multitude of other uses,

such as cleaning fenders ( better then acetone we found ) and pretty much

everything else." Reprinted from Longitude 122, California, July, 1995.


I HAD ALREADY RESIGNED MYSELF to the reality that my once-white (hypalon) dinghy would forever match the gray-weathered and aged pre-rot look of the sadly-neglected pilings of the old local marina.  As a last resort I saturated a paper towel with Island Girl's SEA GLOW™ Cleansing Lotion and Conditioner and turned on the elbow grease*. I kept at it until successive paper towels - and the dinghy stayed white.

Other that saying the product includes antioxidants, mildew inhibitors and brighteners, the company won't say what SEA GLOW's  active ingredients are. But they do swear up and down that it's environmentally safe. What the heck, the stuff works!  A 16 Oz bottle costs $20.00. Contact Island Girl at 1-800 441 4425.

Chuck Harrison, Boating Magazine, June 1998, p.66.

*[Use of the 3M scuff pad would have greatly reduced need for elbow grease, ALW]

Rub a Dub Dub, Thanks for the Scrub

Sorry guys, she won't personally come and scrub your hull (picture not shown here). But the Island Girl system for cleaning, maintaining & preserving marine plastics will make your gelcoat look like new and keep it that way.  The Island Girl System also restores the original softness, color and durability to old vinyl and hypalon. Use it on new products to prevent aging in the first place. For details visit the website at www.islandgirlproducts.com

Product reviewed in Latitudes & Attitudes, May/June, 2001, issue # 26, page 30

So What's This About?

[Picture of bottle on sealed deck, except for one small area, not shown here]

See that shiny white area next to the bottle? That's where Non-Skid Sealan™ wasn't used. Everywhere else, the water beads up, which means that oil, paint, varnish, soot, etc, can't penetrate either, making your non-skid much easier to keep clean. It's another great ISLAND GIRL® product. Call 800 441 4425 or visit www.islandgirlproducts.com

Product reviewed in Latitudes & Attitudes, March/April, 2002,  page 37.

Write up in an English Boating Newspaper called "All at Sea"  Issue 54, June 2002.

Turns out that one of the editors of the paper is a long distance mail order customer!

Island Girl Products from Hawaii are one of the best finds of this restoration. A range of powerful and ecofriendly cleaners, GRP (UKspeak  for gelcoat) and plastic conditioners and polishes that give superb results and which are simply applied using paper towel! The only drawback is that they are only available in the UK by mail order. but check them out at www.IslandGirlProducts.com.

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