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Yellowed sports shoe soles before restoration by SEA GLOW™
Yellowed sports shoe soles restored by ISLAND GIRL®'s SEA GLOW™

Use of SEA GLOW™  greatly reduces yellowing of “icy” clear synthetic rubber soles on Nike® Jordan Sports Shoes. [ Courtesy of Frank Cheek, 2009 ]. “How to” procedures are given HERE

Blue rubber winch accessory part cleaned by SEA GLOW™

SEA GLOW™ used to remove oxidation and restore/protect vibrant blue color. Surface then sealed with SILKENSEAL™ protectant. Our  Wincher® winch accessories  were preserved for almost 15 years in Hawaii before needing replacement.

Movie at left shows effects of SEA GLOW™ on faded red rubber, blue rubber and on a teal colored synthetic rubber hose.

Then it shows how SEA GLOW™   can rejuvenate white wall automobile tires.

In each case, rejuvenated rubber is sealed with SILKENSEAL™ Also shown is an example of an optional outer coating of MIRROR HARD Superglaze™.