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ISLAND GIRL® has solved a previously unmet need in the preservation and care of boat non-skid surfaces:

1.     Our ISLAND GIRL PINK™ Cleanser, our Cleanser-Conditioners and (more potently) ELIXIR™ all  remove oxidation, not only from the surface of the deck, but also from deep in the pores or “microcrevices”. It is these pores that are the source of stains and mildew.  This is a great advance, since you cannot use abrasives to remove oxidation from non-skid surfaces without eventually reducing grip (grinding off the stipples). In any case, conventional cleaners do NOT remove deep-seated oxidation.  

2.     Our Cleanser-Conditioners (SEA GLOW™   and NEUTRAL CLEAR™ Cleanser-Conditioners suppress return of oxidation and mildew, with all the attendant problems of staining. Our newer ELIXIR™ product has additional anti-aging properties, while also sealing the surface. NO OTHER CLEANERS & SOAPS CAN DO THIS.

3.     To our knowledge, our NON-SLIP Superglaze™ is the only product that can seal the surface against both water-borne and oily stains, while preventing further oxidation, color fade and oxidation. Given a sufficiently thick coating of the sealant, even paint and Cetol™ are unable to stain the non-skid surfaces. You just remove the localized area of sealant with our cleaners and apply more sealant. This product can also be used on the smooth, non-textured areas of deck.

4. Underfoot grip in wet conditions is not reduced, indeed, many people report that grip is actually increased!. The barrier provided by our NON-SLIP Superglaze™ generally  makes routine clean-up just a matter of hosing down with no more hard scrubbing! For severe contamination of the surface  (bird droppings, oil spills etc) use ISLAND GIRL Pink™ with or without appropriate water dilution, followed by water rinsing.


ISLAND GIRL Pink™ is the best general purpose product for cleaning the decks. Use with water dilution for routine clean up. Use undiluted to remove chalky oxidation and grime, even dust from bottom paint sanding. Scrub well, then hose with water and allow to dry. Avoid prolonged contact of undiluted cleanser with through-bolted fittings since sealant might become softened. Use water-soaked towel for protection from the Cleanser.

Using similar precautions, our Cleanser-Conditioners can be used if further protection of the gelcoat is desired. Some people like to use SEA GLOW™ to make white gelcoat “snowy white” and to remove deep-seated stains. A stiff brush or motorized brush really speeds this process. Excess product should be toweled off after adding a little water. Ask about our "Industrial Cleanser" (expired SEA GLOW™) that is available at greatly reduced cost.

If these Cleanser-Conditioners have been used, it is a good idea to then briefly clean the surface with some water-diluted IG Pink.  This is to remove traces of conditioner that might interfere with proper curing of our NON-SLIP Superglaze™

ELIXIR™ can be used to both deoxidize and preserve the deck surface while simultaneously sealing the surface. While the resulting sealed surface is not slippery, an outer layer of our NON-SLIP Superglaze™ can be later applied with good results and reduced slipperines in the wet.


A clean dry film of this product will seal and protect the surface of gelcoat or paint-based textured "non-skid" decks, with no reduction  in underfoot "grip" in wet conditions. The sealant is best applied on a warm sunny day.

Thoroughly shake the bottle, both before and during application. This is to make sure that the emulsion is thoroughly mixed. Then apply to the clean dry surface with a rag, or sponge, making sure to rub in well. THEN WIPE OFF TO DRYNESS (this removes all excess material that my be slow to harden). It is particularly important to remove excess sealant that may be trapped in the bottom of “diamond pattern” grooves or “woven” pattern pits. On a hot day (above 70o F), the sealant will be “dry to the touch” almost instantly. WIthin an hour, gently rinse with water. This removes any dispersant or uncured resins and will test tor water repellancy (beading). You should be able to walk on the surface in shoes and any dirt from the shoes should just rinse off with water (see MOVIE LINK) .  For cool conditions and/or excessively porous gelcoat, first wipe over with with SB Catalyst™, spreading it as far as it will go  before application of the NON-SLIP Superglaze™.

A single light coating will result in a waterproof, non-slippery surface with a slightly silky surface.  For a thicker, even more stain-resistant finish, an additional  one or two coat may be applied hours or days later. . [Note: water-rinsing between coats eliminates chance of trapping uncured sealant that could be a source of stickiness].

If water beading starts to disappear apply another coat, after thorough cleaning of the surface, as already described.

Should the non-skid coating ever have to be completely removed (e.g. before painting or doing repairs use a commercial “Grease and Wax Remover” containing xylene or toluene. 3M adhesive remover is also effective.

OTHER “NON-SKID” SURFACES: As yet, we have had little experience with “grit” type surfaces. If the product  is to be used on such surfaces, first ascertain that a TWO PART (catalyzed) paint has been used to imbed the grit. Otherwise our undiluted cleansers cannot be used for heavy duty cleaning (may dissolve the paint). Test this by seeing if there is color transfer onto white paper towel, or that the surface has become tacky. If necessary, then dilute the cleanser with water to slow down its actions.


As long as oxidation has been removed, (especially after use of ELIXIR™) use  our NON-SLIP Superglaze™  over the smooth areas. One can just use  additional coats to build up a smooth shiny surface.  This is because the product does contain  MIRROR HARD™ in diluted form. Alternatively You can use just one application as an undercoat under a single outer coat of our MIRROR HARD Superglaze .




Movie at left shows how to use  ISLAND GIRL Pink™ and our NON-SLIP Superglaze™ to clean and protect stipple-patterned gelcoat non-skid decks.

A non-slippery, non-sticky surface is produced that is stain-proof and easily cleaned by routine rinsing and light brushing. Footmarks should just rinse off.

Gulf 32 Non-Skid deck treatment with |ISLAND GIRL® Products

LEFT: Our 1990 Gulf 32: A still shot from movie (click HERE) on cleaning and sealing Non-skid deck surfaces.

Note: Latest version of our classic NON SKID SEALANT™ can now also be used for shiny  smooth surfaces and is renamed NON-SLIP Superglaze™.

Recent results with this product can be seen HERE