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While several potential home and office uses have been suggested on other pages, our  customers have given additional feedback on uses that we have confirmed:

ISLAND GIRL PInk Cleansing Lotion can be used to :

    * Remove child's crayon marks from latex painted walls

    * Remove ballpoint or marker pen scribbling from vinyl seating and a leather sofa (Note precautions).     

    * Remove pet stains from carpet.

    * Remove pen marks from vinyl tape used on a scheduling board.

    * Remove "liquid paper" from the platen of a Xerox copier.

    * Clean up badly ingrained stains on the surface of linoleum

    * Remove soap scum from sinks and showers.

SILKENSEAL™ can be used on:

    * Wood grained kitchen cabinets

    * wooden shelving

CLEAR HORIZONS™ can be used to increase transparency and/or shine on:

    * Eyeglasses and sunglasses

    * CD disks that have become dirty and scratched - they can often be restored to original sound quality.

    * Stereo facias

    * Windows, chrome bathroom fittings

The movie at left shows how ISLAND GIRL Pink™ can be used to safely remove spray paint,  crayon, marker pen and ballpoint from auto and house painted surfaces.

The product is always inactivated by water after its action is completed.

Not shown is the ability of MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ to protect  vinyl fencing, road signs and Van or RV surfaces against graffiti (just remove the non-penetrating graffiti by IG Pink™ and then reapply the protective coating.

Similarly, SILKENSEAL™ protects vinyl upholstery, awnings and cushions against staining by marker pen and ballpoint marks. Again remove with IG Pink™ and then reapply the protective coating.

The Movie at left shows how water-diluted ISLAND GIRL Pink™ can be used to remove cat vomit from carpet.

This is an example where water dilution of the Clea. IG PInk™ is unbeatable for use in Rug -Doctor® home-use carpet cleaning machines.