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ISLAND GIRL Pink™ may be used without dilution to remove bugs and tar from car windshields. Use with copious water dilution as a general glass and mirror cleaner (but not for optics).  In both cases, finish by rinsing with water, and then wiping to  dryness with white paper towel or microfiber cloth.

Finally, apply CLEAR HORIZONS™ and then burnish off the excess with microfiber cloth for unexcelled clarity and slickness. Used on both sides of windows and windshields  they will become virtually "invisible" through lack of glare and they will be easy to keep clean with water and microfiber cloth.  

On car windshields, wiper blades will smoothly glide over the glass surface and water beading (as with RAINX® allows good visibility even without wipers (important on boats and motorcycles).

Mirrors will have greater reflectivity and resistance to finger marks.

OPTICS and Optical Disks (CDs, DVDs)

Since CLEAR HORIZONS™ contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives, it is safe for use on optical surfaces, where it cleans, and leaves a surface that is slick and resistant to fingermarks. There is greatly increased clarity, because microscopic scratches are filled by a transparent resin.

Apply only with lens tissue, Kleenex™ or (much better) microfiber cloth. DO NOT use any cleaners (even ours) and NEVER  rub the surface when gritty.

Instead, just use the mild cleaning action of CLEAR HORIZONS ™.  Apply this product and then burnish off until surface feels "slick" DO NOT SPRAY product onto the platen of computer scanners (apply and burnish only with Microfiber Cloth). Otherwise, aerosolized product  may reach the underside that cannot be reached for burnishing off. This can cause slight haziness.The same precautions apply to the screens of "smart phones". tablet computers etc.

EYEGLASSES & SUNGLASSES, BINOCULARS: Again use Kleenex or (better) microfiber cloth.   Apply and then burnish off CLEAR HORIZONS™. There will be dramatically increased clarity, water repellency and resistance to fingermarks. The product works equally well on glass or plastic lenses.

CD and DVD disks : Treat as for eyeglasses to remove fingermarks and eliminate minor scratches. Unless there is severe damage, disks that had “drop-out” areas will often play again with no problems.

Movie at left shows effects of CLEAR HORIZONS™ on eyeglasses,