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The main idea of the ISLAND GIRL® System is to use a selective chemical process to remove surface and deep-seated oxidation while leaving good gelcoat intact.  This approach avoids (as much as possible) use of  abrasives to remove surface oxidation, since they also remove good gelcoat and eventually make it too thin (click HERE for further illustration). The way that oxidation eats into gelcoat is discussed HERE.

Also on newer gelcoat, compounding or polishing scratches the surface so actually ACCELERATING oxidation by increasing surface area. This is analogous to sanding new steel surfaces which will induce rusting. Again click HERE for illustration. Our Cleanser-Conditioners (especially ELIXIR™ selectively remove oxidation, even that which is deep-seated and causes grey coloration of dark colored gelcoat.


Anti-aging conditioners in the Cleanser/ Conditioners and (especially) ELIXIR™,  prevent color fade and early return of oxidation while making colors more rich and vibrant.  These preservatives are also contained in our resin-based surface coatings which also provide a physical barrier against weathering, especially against UV, atmospheric oxygen and water-borne pollutants.


SILKENSEAL™ is a very flexible “plastic skin” sealant that can be used on most any surface. It seals the pores of older porous gelcoat, forming a foundation for our resin-based MIRROR HARD Superglaze™.  SLICKSEAL™ has similar though less profound sealing properties but also contains SB Catalyst™ that accelerates the curing of resins. SLICKSEAL™ is NOT for underfoot surfaces (might be too slick). For those areas, SB Catalyst™ alone is preferable.

MIRROR HARD™ produces its astounding depth of shine because it seals over and heals minor imperfections and microscopic scratch marks, which are buried under its glassy surface. It produces its long term protection by being a tough barrier against UV and penetration by atmospheric oxygen.

HOW TO USE "Hawaiian 2-Step Process" (updated August 2019)

Outline: Use ELIXIR™ to remove oxidation, preserve the gelcoat and seal the surface, Then use MIRROR HARD™ to provide extra shine and protection against weathering. If the gelcoat is porous (MIRROR HARD™ soaks in leaving dull areas ) then use SILKENSEAL™ to seal the surface before reapplying the MIRROR HARD™.  VERY porous gelcoat may need several coats of this product.

Details (ELIXIR™): In general, use paper towel swabs to spread ELIXIR™ over the surface, then lightly scuff with a gray  ("000" grade)  scuff pad. Allow to soak in, wipe off, and repeat the process until little or no oxidation is being drawn up into the paper towel swabs. Then wipe off the excess and allow to dry back. Wipe off any surface oiliness with microfiber cloth. At this stage, SB Catalyst™ (underfoot surfaces) or SLICKSEAL™ can be applied and wiped out to dryness. SLICKSEAL will remove any streaks and leave a surface that is temporarily water-proof.

Details (MIRROR HARD™ ): The most recent version of this product is faster drying and much easier to apply. However, a warm sunny day is preferred.

Fold a piece of paper towel into a multi-layered square pad and use it to smoothly apply the  MIRROR HARD™ "like spreading butter" . As the layer thickens and becomes "tacky" (resins becoming cured). SB Catalyst™ can be spritzed onto the surface to rapidly complete the curing (underfoot surfaces).  Alternatively, SLICKSEAL™ *that contains the same catalyst) can also be sprayed copiously onto the surface. Wipe off with NO Pressure with clean microfiber cloth. This increases slickness of the surface and helps remove any oily residue that rises to the surface.

If you want to apply 2 layers of MIRROR HARD™ within 30-40 minutes you can repeat this process.  

The finished surface should bead water without leaving water spots and will become increasingly hard over the next few days. Expect  protective water beading for up to 3 years!  

Troublehooting? if there are problems with resin shine due to rain etc Click HERE for instructions.

A detailed flow chart of the process is shown HERE and  the videos shown HERE and HERE with general principles shown HERE


1. Hose down surfaces weekly to avoid accumulation of grime and potential stains.  Deionized water allows air drying without wiping.

A little IG Pink™ helps remove airborne  pollutants or bird droppings

2. As needed, use  SLICKSEAL™ and/or  NON-SLIP Superglaze. for touch up of shine.

3. Remove sooty run-off stains with one our our cleaners or  ELIXIR™  and touch up the shine with MIRROR HARD™.  The latter can be used to both remove the stained surface and replace shine in one quick step.

4. Under aluminum fittings that might produce grey streak runoff, remove stain as in 3. and then apply an outer coating of SILKENSEAL™ that is resistant to grey streaks.

5. NEVER use conventional abrasive compounds or polishes that can soften the resin coating and imbed gritty abrasives that will ruin the shine.

6. Sometimes large areas of MIRROR HARD™ coating may be appied, even by roller and there is no opportunity to wipe off accumulated surface residue for some days or weeks. In this case SLICKSEAL™ is useful to clean and shine the cured resin surface.

7. If, at any time, the resin coatings have to be removed to make repairs or prior to painting, use a toluene - based "grease and wax" remover from a car paint shop using 3M scuff pads ("000" Grade, or coarser) . Proceed until water beading is absent, which means the coating has been successfully removed.

Blue boat restoration by | ISLAND GIRL® Products




From left to right....

1. SILKENSEAL™ "Plastic Skin" Sealant-Protectant. Useful to seal pores of old porous gelcoat - several coats might be needed.

2. SB Catalyst™  Accelerates curing of the resins in MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ & our other resin coatings.

3. ELIXIR™ "Time in a bottle" that dissolves away deep oxidation & can prevent its return. Brightens colors while reducing color fade.  Contains a resin sealant that leaves a "waxed-look" finish.

4. MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ (latest fast-curing version). A resin coating that gives extreme gloss and years of anti-weathering protection.

5. SLICKSEAL™ Catalyst & Shine Protectant. At last an easy  method of removing undesired surface residue from MIRROR HARD™ both after AND during curing of the resins.

Note: painted surfaces do NOT require sealing of the pores by SILKENSEAL™  . Similarly for gelcoat in good condition: Just use Regular Hawaiian 2-Step Kit.


3M Synthetic Steel Wool pads (gray, "000" extra fine);

3M pads (white, "0000" ultra fine); Microfiber Cloths (lint

free). Examples only shown. More in discounted kits.


2012 Very dark blue Duffy Electric boat restored by our Hawaiian 2-Step Process.

Example provided by Steve Patterson, March 2019