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ISLAND GIRL Pink™ is unbeatable for use on carpet and fabric.  When used undiluted as a “remover”  it can remove dried paint, “5200” boat sealant, oil and grease, colored nail-polish, even chewing gum.   When used with water dilution, it is great for use in removal of general grime, pet stains and more.

If renting a commercial carpet cleaning machine, do NOT waste money on their weak and ineffective chemicals, try a 1 in 100-300 water dilution of ISLAND GIRL Pink™ , followed by several passes with clean water to remove all the cleanser and any residue.  

Removal of spilled food, pet stains or blood:

Apply ISLAND GIRL Pink™ with appropriate water dilution (start with 1 in 20 dilution, less dilution with stains that are more "greasy", more dilution with stains that are more “watery” such as urine).  Then rinse copiously with water (apply in squirt bottle) and towel dry. Again a wet/dry vacuum is useful, but microfiber cloth is also ideal for "sucking up" the water.  Subsequent laundering of woven fabrics (clothing) is recommended.


[Note: Once blood stains are dried, they are difficult to remove, unless first soaked in a saturated solution  of table salt. Rinse off all salt before removing stain with water-diluted ISLAND GIRL Pink™].