Repeated use of a strong bleach such as concentated hydrogen peroxide will eventually damage rubber and plastics , through the release of free radical oxygen. It should NEVER be used on NEW items such as the "icy clear" shoe soles.

Our O.XIBOOST™  product does contains a dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide that makes the restorative effects of SEA GLOW™ quicker on yellowed items without any harm due to its use in conjuction with SEA GLOW™ that is is a PRESERVATIVE as well as a restoration product.  Only SEA GLOW™ can be safely used to prevent yellowing of NEW items including "icy clear" rubber shoe soles. That is why it is part of our New Shoe Kit.

OR : Call Toll Free: 1-800-441-4425

Service to be resumed ASAP

Also Call/Text 1-808-744-4844


-as of  Sept 2023




The normal color of SEA GLOW™ is sky blue. This color optimizes ability of its fluorescing agents to maintain and restore snowy whiteness and prevent further yellowing. On "Icy clear" rubber shoe soles, the original slightly blue color is maintained or restored.

SEA GLOW™ should retain is original blue color for many years unless stored in hot conditions and/or exposed to certain chemical residues (as in a previously used plastic container).  This is because the basic product (without blue dye) has become yellow/brown.

We routinely test our products and find that the green product will still work to remove yellowing but may work somewhat slower. This is because some of the fluorescence is being used to correct its own color. (it will become blue in the presence of sunlight). In 2013 we had to manufacture a complete 300 gal batch of bulk product because the previous batch had been shipped to us in a contaminated plastic tank.


MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ can protect polished brass or bronze of boat fittings in a tropical marine environment (Hawaii). Similar results have been seen with SIMPLY BRILLIANT Superwax™ which contains the same resins and also micronized synthetic wax (Silicon-based) particles.

Similar protection has been seen on chrome automobile bumpers and on cast aluminum or iron fittings.


Our latest version of our of this product Can be used on painted or gelcoat surfaces as a "quick-shine" coating (3 or 4 coats are usually needed) but prior surface restoration with ELIXIR™ is usually recommended.

However the major new use for this product is to seal the surface of shoe soles since the surface is sealed against stains but is not slippery under wet conditions while walking on smooth surfaces.

This product is now part of our "New Shoe Kit"


Yes! In fact there is also protection against the growth of algae as well.

An additional advantage to the strong biocides now included in the formulation is a shelf-life that is virtually indefinite, since mildew is the main cause of water-based emulsions "going off".


Our first cleansing product was ISLAND GIRL Pink™ that can be used as a general purpose cleanser with water dilution. Undiluted it is a "remover", used  to clean up glue, grafitti etc and mild oxidation.

From this product we evolved two "Cleanser/Condiioners" (SEA GLOW™ & NEUTRAL CLEAR™). These products were more potent at removing plastic breakdown products (gum,oxidation) but also contained anti-aging conditioners, that penetrated the surface to protect against UV damage including color fade and oxidation. Anti-mlldew protection was an added attraction. SEA GLOW™ was especially effective at restoring snowy whiteness to yellowed plastic items and found great favor among shoe collectors for restoring and maintaining the original icy clear appearance of the soles.

Customer experimentation soon led to adoption of these Cleanser /Conditioners to remove oxidation from fiberglass gelcoat and painted surfaces. Here, the conditioners penetrated the gelcoat pores and gave depth to dark gelcoat and brightenss to white and colored gelcoat.

However, in very porous gelcoat the liquid conditioner could rise up to the surface and interfere with hardening of our new SIMPLY BRILLIANT Superwax™ or MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ resin-based coatings. This is why we had to recommend a sealing coat of SILKENSEAL™ before application of the "SB Superwax™". This is the basic "3 step process" for gelcoat restoration . It is very effective, but a little confusing. to some people. This FLOW CHART makes it easy to understand.

Some years later, during an online forum discussion on Sailboatowners.com about preserving gelcoat color with anti-oxidants, there was talk of a product called 303® . This is an anti-oxidant /UV Blocker for protection of fabrics but with claims that it also protects gelcoat against oxidation.  Our own tests confirmed that it was NOT very effective in protecting gelcoat, not even as effective as our own SB Superwax™ (which contains anti-oxidants) used on its own.

We thought that we could do much better, so we experimented with the proprietary anti-oxidant/UV protective fomulation that we have used for many years as part of our Cleanser/Conditioners and resin-based coatings (SB Superwax™, MH Superglaze, and Non Skid Sealant™).

Our final formula was a saturated solution of our anti-oxidant solution combined with our SB Superwax™. This new product was aptly named ELIXIR™. since it was rejuvenating and produced many months of protection on dark green gelcoat in tropical conditions. It was much more effective than repeated application of 303®  Then in April 2006  we introduced this new product at a boat show in Oakland California.  ELIXIR™  is very potent at removing deep-seated oxidation and delaying its return, while also protecting against color fade, and leaving a satin "waxed look" protective finish.

Then we found that an outer coating of MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ gave astounding gloss and extra weathering protection that can last for years. Use of these two products is the so-called "Hawaiian 2-Step Process". as described and Illustrated HERE and HERE.

The only liimitation to use of ELIXIR™  is that it lacks the plasticizing conditoners of our Cleaner/Conditioners, so that it is less suitable for flexible vinyl, rubber etc as in upholstery. It can still be used on more rigid items like vinyl fenders and is especially effective at removing yellow oxidation from Lexan® headlamp lenses (as shown HERE).


Contact with water before the coating has completely hardened can DULL the surface through emulsification ("milkiness") and loss of some initially oily gloss enhancers. However the surface is STILL waterproof (beads water) within 10-30 minutes. If it does rain duing application the surface is easily repaired by wiping off excess oiliness with microfiber cloth and applying  a coat of SILKENSEAL™ to repair the shine.


Yes, when fully hardened (allow at least a week) but do not use rubbing compound or liquid polishes.

The shine from these coatings comes from their "flow out" to a wet-look surface. However, the surface eventually becomes so hard that it can be buffed by hand or machine to a more "classic" look. Buffing is only really necessary to remove bits of dirt or small insects that may have stuck to the surface while it was curing.

Some customers have used our products for years and have built up a thick layer or resin that can be easily buffed.

When buffing, we recommend using SILKENSEAL™ or CLEAR HORIZONS™ as lubricant to prevent "burning" of the suface by the buffing wheel.  When hand- buffing, we recommend applying a thin coat of SILKENSEAL™ for a nice "wet look" gloss and extra stain resistance.

DO NOT USE COMPOUND OR LIQUID POLISHES. These contain solvents and grit that will soften the resin coating and imbed grit that will dull the surface. shine.


In a boat yard, some streaks may form from airborne bottom paint dust. In almost every other case, black streaks are produced from sooty/oily air pollution that has a natural affinity for any waxed surface.

That is why most common store-bought "black streak removers" are really wax removers. Some also contain some dissolved wax and/or silicone to restore the shine after removal of the streaks. We have minimized the amount of synthetic wax in our resin-based SIMPLY BRILLIANT ("SB") Superwax™ to minimize the appearance of black streaks. MIRROR HARD ("MH")Superglaze™ is resistant to staining by sooty pollutants since it contains no wax.

Black streaks can be removed by any of our cleaners, but the surface should then be touched up with our resin coatings or SILKENSEAL™.  ELIXIR™ also removes streaks but Simultaneously restores  the resin surface, as does MH Superglaze™ itself.


Salt water runoff from aluminum fittings can leave grey streaks underneath, even in a coating of MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ that is resistant to black streaks.

The worse case was of a boat that had aluminum sail track mounted on the cap rail but with NO bedding sealant (as is usual). Then, seawater getting under the track caused corrosion and runoff that produced many pronounced grey streaks.

Nomally only a few streaks are seen because items are properly bedded and protected. They can even be protected from corrosion by a littlle MH Superglaze™

To remove these streaks use ELIXIR™ any of our cleansers, or even a little toluene.

Then, if necessary, repair the shine with some more MH Superglaze™.

We can report that a coatIng of SILKENSEAL™ on areas below metal fittings will prevent these grey streaks from forming or becoming deep-seated.


SIMPLY BRILLIANT ("SB")Superwax™ is a mixture of fast and slower setting resins (no water content) containing anti-oxidants, UV blocking and color-brightening preservatives, together with microparticles of a synthetic (silicon-based) wax.

Unlike conventional wax, it is just wiped on as a coating that cures into a high gloss waterproof film/ However, when completely hard (after a week or so) the coating can even be buffed for a "polished plastic" look.

The coating adheres to any underlying surface, even chrome or polyethylene and is somewhat flexible. It never cracks, yellows or peels off. It is most suitable for sealing the surface of fiberglass gelcoat that has been first deoxidized by one of our Cleanser/Conditioners or ELIXIR™.  It is especially suitable for really porous older gelcoat, since the microparticles of wax help seal the pores of the surface.

It can also be used on interior woodwork and on bare metal.,

ELIXIR™ (our premium product) not only contains SB Superwax™ but also a very concentrated solution of potent anti-oxidants, UV blockers and color brighteners in a powerful solvent that rapidly dissolves away and draws up both deep-seated and surface oxidation of gelcoat and paintwork. It is therefore invaluable in the restoration and protection of boats, automobiles, RVs and more.

ELIXIR™ can be used on any underlying color to restore and maintin its richness and vibrancy.  The product is unbeatable in protecting dark-colored gelcoat against oxidation and color fade. It is especially effective on black, dark blue, dark green and maroon, yet is equally effective on white.

MIRROR HARD ("MH") Superglaze™ is very similar to SB Superwax™ but does not contain any wax particles. It forms a thinner coating with astounding shine and is resistant to sooty black streaks.

When applied over a surface restored by our ELIXiR ™ the shine is absolutely astounding.  Used  together, these two products are the basis of our "Hawaiian 2-Step Process" of gelcoat restoration, as described and exemplified HERE and HERE.

Our NON-SKID SEALANT™ , was introduced in October 2001 as a water-based emulsion of MH Superglaze™ together with a special resin that imparts a slightly "rubber-like" grip under wet conditions. It protects against air and water-borne pollutants and also stains by old engiNne oil, rust, even teak coatings such as Cetol®.  It has now been renamed NON-SLIP Superglaze™.

Use on Shoe Soles  A more recent application of this product is to coat the surface of shoes soles, It seals the rubber against stains while retaining (even increasing?) underfoot grip in wet conditions.

Quickshine Solution Recently, while restoring a large Carver Motoryacht, we found that in addition to sealing the gritty non-skid decks, the smooth areas of gelcoat  (already restored by ELIXIR™ became really shiny when our NON-SKID SEALANT™ was applied by accident.

We then did all the smooth surrounding areas of gelcoat and after 2-4 coats (easily touched up) the resulting shine was very good and has lasted many months already. See HERE for evidence.  That is why we renamed it as NON-SLIP Superglaze™

SILKENEAL™  was the first sealant/protectant that we introduced almost 20 years ago.

It is  a water-based emulsion based on organofunctional silanes that impart a very flexible "plastic skin" layer suitable for protecting vinyl, rubber and leather or any opaque plastic material. It is ideal for producing an "as new" look and feel to  upholstery or inflatable dinghies.

Because the emulsifying agent is a surfactant ("detergent") it also acts as a mild cleaner as well as a protectant.

Sealing gelcoat pores. On older porous gelcoat  SILKENEAL™  is very useful as a sealing undercoat before application of paste wax or (especially) our resin-based coatings (SB Superwax™ and/or MH Superglaze™ )

CLEAR HORIZONS™ is also a water-based emulsion, designed to clean glass and clear plastics while leaving a slick water-repellant shield that even resists fingermarks on computer screens and eyeglasses.

Its most remarkable effect is in increasing the clarity of glass windshields (coat both sides) and reflectivity  of mirrors. It does this by filling microscratches in the surface, so greatly cutting down "glare:"

An additional use is to shine smooth chrome or ceramic surfaces. It can also be used as a "quick detailer" on paintwork and as lubricant for machine buffing.


There are many reasons, of which the main ones are:

1. They are scientifically designed to be more versatile and effective that other products, regardless of costs of manufacture and marketing.

2. Just a few products make up our "ISLAND GIRL® System" that replaces most of the "Cleaner/Polish" section at you local store. By contrast other manufactures often put the same or closely similar ingredients in differently labeled packaging to make you buy several products without need for explanation by sales assistants.

3 Our products will work where other products do not workm or do only a partially satisfactory job. THAT IS WHY WE HELD CONTESTS AT BOAT SHOWS IN WHICH A CASH REWARD WAS OFFERED FOR ANY CLEANING PRODUCT THAT  COULD OUTPERFORM  OUR OWN. To our knowledge no other company has dared to do this.


Our  products have to be expensive because the ingredients are often rare and expensive and we have to have good profit margins to survive as a small company with limited volume of sales.

Large manufacturers base their "Cleaners" on petroleum distillates . Alternatively they may use a very powerful (but neurotocic glycol ether ("EM:), caustic (KOH) then add detergent and dilute with water. "Boat Soaps" also have color added and a gelatinous thickener to make the product look substantial and "good value". Such products often cost less to manufacture than the bottle and packaging.

By contrast, our cleansing products contain only the merest trace of water and have multiple ingredients (for example, 14 ingredients in SEA GLOW™) , some of which are very expensive.

Our resin-based products (ELIXIR™, SB Superwax™, MH Superglaze™ ) are even more expensive to make with some major ingredients costing over $40 per pound to acquire).

The real test of cost-effectveness is:

How much area can be treated? ( A little goes a long way)

How much time and effort to use the products by hand or machine? (Much less application time since the product work chemically with minimal physical effort)? How about water beading for 3 years!

How versatile, interchangeable and synergistic in effect are the products? Used as a "system" there is unbeatable versatility and ability to partially substitute one product for another.

How prolonged is the shelf life (many years).

Ability to both protect new items and restore older items.  The dramatically increased value of expensive boats and cars preserved or restored "as new" by our unique product system far outways the minor costs of product and application labor.

In these respects our products remain substantially superior in cost effectiveness and value for money.


ISLAND GIRL ® products have Both! In choosing ingredients for our products, Dr. Willis (the inventor) weighed both effectiveness and lack of toxicity in choosing key ingredients.

With regards to our cleansing lotions, most common cleaners are pretty toxic and a mouthful could be fatal if swallowed. By contrast, a whole 16 Oz bottle of IG Pink™ might not be equivalent!  All our cleansers and surface coatings have the potential for mild and reversible eye irritaion. We clearly post that CHILDREN SHOULD BE KEPT AWAY from the products. Also, gloves and eye protection are always advisabe since some people can be allergic even to latex or milk!

Unlike petroleum or concentrated D-limonene-based cleaners our products are NOT flammable (for instance, you can dip a lit match into a bottle of IG Pink™ and it will go out). However all of our products other than those that are water-based emulsions, are to some degree, combustible ( about equivalent to olive oil}. This means that only strong heat and or concentrated vapor accumulation could produce combusion. Mail order packaging material is similarly combustible!

None of our products contain neurotoxic "EM" glycol ether or caustic or corrosive components.

Difference between "Biosafe and Biodegradable"

As an example, snake venom is biodegradable but certainly NOT biosafe!  Also, highly biodegradable material can be "food" for micro-organisms like the phosphate-based detergents causing algae bloom in lakes and are therefore NOT biosafe in the long term.

Although our Cleanser/Conditioners do contain a "biocide" inhibitor of mildew and algae growth, the amounts are too small (less than 0.1%) to be considered toxic to the user. Even so,  use of gloves and routine hand washing is always prudent.  Also, sealing the surface of treated materials (like vinyl) with our surface sealants (e.g. SILKENSEAL™) will keep these components down in the plastic and away from contact with human skin.

As with any process involving chemicals wash your hands, don't rub your eyes and use common sense!


We started ISLAND GIRL® as a sole proprietorship in January 1995 with only one product (that became IGPink™). All the other 7 members of the product line were added over a 10 year period.

This was before the rise of the internet. Although we obtained a website in 1997, we did not sell online until the year 2000 when we incorporated in the state of Hawaii.

We exhibited at many boat shows in California (Oakland, Marina Del Rey, Long Beach, San Diego ) and then in Florida.(Miami, Ft Lauderdale) and did considerable magazine advertisng in in these states to support sales of the product in stores.

In those days West Marine was still a private company and individual Store Managers could choose products for their stores We also sold products through TAP Plastics, Svendsens, and several other independant stores then available.

Later,our product line also became avaiable through the chain of Boat/US stores, since it was recommended by the makers of their own brand of inflatable boats.

Through their excellent "Manager Buy" system, we penetrated almost  60% of West Marine stores  and many sales records were set, often eclipsing sales of their own products. We were obviously expecting that they would eventually buy centrally and distribute for us through their Port Supply Wholesale division, but this did not happen.

Instead there was  considerable consolidation of retail outlets with most independant stores being bought out or put out of business by West Marine.  Since going public they discouraged their Manager Buy system, and only promote their own labeled products and those of very large companies with whom they pretty much HAVE to deal.

Then, they took over  the retail chains of E&B Marine (Florida) and then Boat/US, so becoming a virtual monopoly. They then introduced terms that were too punitive  for small suppliers (e.g. $3 million liability insurance, 3 months until payment, and forced buy back of unsold product). Regrettably, In spite of good relationships with many of their Store Managers and staff, we chose not to deal with West Marine anymore.

We therefore stayed with the few remaining independent retail stores and concentrated on mail order sales through the internet,  A stint by Dr. Willis as host of a forum on Sailboatowners.com (circa  2000 to 2008) brought considerable attention to the ISLAND GIRL®  brand. Our NON SKID sealant (now renamed as NON-SLIP Superglaze™)was even "beta tested" through participants in the forum

What has kept us going over the years has been repeat orders from a growing number of loyal boat and automobile  owners and (since 2006) sales of SEA GLOW™ for use on the soles of sports shoes.

This "shoe market" grew as the result of customers posting on forums at  Niketalk.com and similar sites with positive results ("official cure for yellowing") and YouTube videos all going viral on the internet, This became a very profitable and busy market for us, and also for imitators and (at one time) illegal rebottlers!

We are now (July-August 2016) in the process of modernizing out website and learning how to promote our products through social media. Franchising is also a possibility.


The Selective nature of ISLAND GIRL®'s Cleansers makes it possible to safely remove overspray and painted lettering from fiberglass gelcoat and inflatable dinghies constructed of vinyl or hypalon. Our Cleansesr/Condiioners are more fast acting than  IG Pink™

By contrast, acetone, MEK or other non-selective solvents would leave a mess where the paint would be incorporated into the underlying surface.

First test that the cleanser selectively dissolves the paint by rubbing a little of it onto the lettering using a paper towel swab and observing the transfer of color.  Then apply the product to the painted area, allowing it to soak for a few minutes and use a mild scuff pad to aid removal of the the crinkled and partially dissolved paint. Most pigmented paints do not stain the underlying material. For more information see our TESTIMONIALS and ONLINE INSTRUCTION BOOK.


IG Pink™ has long been used to remove marks from marker pens, crayon and spray paint marks from even deliciate surfaces (vinyl awnings, painted surfaces and lexan). It also works on concrete but then prolonged soaking and wire brushing is necessary. A video example is shown HERE

NEUTRAL CLEAR™ is more potent and has been successfully used on road signs without damage to the underlying surface.

MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ can be used on the sides of vans,road signs or vinyl fences to protect against maker pen or spray paint from contacing the underlying surface. Then these marks are easily removed (together with the resin coating)  by our cleaners, IG Pink™ or NEUTRAL CLEAR™. Obviously the layer of MH Superglaze™ has then to be replaced


As described in more detail above, our resin-coatings are SIMPLY BRILLIANT Superwax™, MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ , NON-SLIP Superglaze™  and ELIXIR™ (a combination oxidation remover-preservative-/sealant).

There have been several "wipe on" water emulsions of acrylic clear coat, basically copied from "Mop n'Glow"- type kitchen floor coatings but formulated to last longer in outside conditions. Vertglas™ and Poliglow® are the most common of these. We have first hand experience only with Poliglow®.

These products rely on surface porosity of gelcoat for their physical "key" that provides adhesion. Therefore, such products cannot be used on shiny NEW gelcoat, painted surfaces or metal. They have to be applied in multiple coats by a special applicator with care not to leave lap-marks.

These acrylic coatings are not suitable for use on non-skid decks because of slipperiness underfoot and would be very difficult to properly remove.

Reported problems have included yellowing, peeling and cracking. Eventually all of these coatings go opaque and grey. They can peel or flake and have to be removed by a chemical "stripper".

On dark colored gelcoat wet-sanding may be needed to remove the greyish residue from the gelcoat pores  Click HERE for some discussion.

By contrast the resin-coatings made by ISLAND GIRL® can be applied to any surface (gelcoat, paint, non-skid decks, even polished metal or polyethylene, where they will chemically bond with the surface. Only one or two coats are usually required up to three years protection is common.  Our NON SLIP Superglaze™  is not slippery when wet.


There are two types of stains:

1. Those that can be removed without damage to the underlying material

2. Those that can only be removed by removing the stained material itself

Dealing with the first example, rust is clearly water-related and produces stains in gelcoar or vinyl only in so far as it penetrates the pores and voids.

In gelcoat, the chalk that forms deep down in pores of the gelcoat acts like blotting paper to absorb rust and other stains such as oily diesel soot. Consequentially, IG Pink™ and our Cleanser/Conditioners can remove these stains, as they remove the chalk. However, if rust stains are really deep, a chemical "rust dissolver" or oxalic acid-based stain remover may be necessary.

Vinyl provides an example of both types of stain. Feedback from our customers showed that stains from magazine print, some clothing  or a blue tarp could form stains that were removed by our Cleanser.Conditioners. This is because the stains were in the intermolecular spaces containing plasticizer. Then, removal of the stained plasticizer by our Cleanser/Conditioner . On white vinyl, SEA GLOW™ was used and the vinyl  plasticizer replaced by that contained in the anti-aging conditioner.

By constrast, solvent-based stains chemically combine with the plastic, essentially "dying" it. Examples are the irremovable shadow from marker pens and the yellow stains remaining on vinyl fenders after contact with tar or creosote. Similar stains are often seen under the flight path of airports.  Such stubborn stains can only be removed by fierce abrasion and/or the use of non-selective solvents such as acetone or MEK. that remove the stained surface. Of course, the vinyl surface will have to be repaired and sealed by SILKENSEAL™ and/or MH Superglaze™

Prevention of Stains

SILKENSEAL™ forms a very flexible "plastic skin" that prevents both type of stain from penetrating into vinyl, leather, hypalon etc. On boat decks and shoe soles, our NON SLIP ("NS") Superglaze"™ acts similarly.

On  semi-rigid vinyl *fenders, cowl vents etc) an additional outer layer of MH Superglaze™ provides extra protection against airborne pollutants.


We, and many others have long used MH Superglaze™ for the protection of paint and chrome on our classic cars. Several years of protection in usual, with just water washing and use of microfiber cloth to maintain the shiny finish. A recent testimonial is shown HERE.  ELIXIR™ is useful to remove yellowing of Lexan headlamp lenses.

We used SILKENSEAL™ to protect leather upholstery on our classic 1966 Pontiac GTO and 1960 Cadillac Convertible, and all mirror and window glass was treated with CLEAR HORIZONS™ There are many testimonials and examples shown HERE and an outline of our "Car Collector Kit" shown HERE.

In the home and office there are many uses, especially for IG Pink™ for cleaning up marks on walls made by children, and for spot removal or general cleaning of carpet. CLEAR HORIZONS™ is ideal for use on TV  and computer screens, cell phones, windows and mirrors.

For more details of use we suggest going to our ONLINE INSTRUCTION BOOK where all uses are categorized with detailed instructions for use.

A section of hypalon inflatable dinghy incorporating the original glued seam (two-part adhesive).

It was soaked in our NEUTRAL CLEAR™ Cleanser/Conditioner for more than ten years.

The seam is NOT damaged by immersion in the product.

COMPARIONS BETWEEN ISLAND GIRL® CLEANSERS (Click HERE) for technical information on these products).

Island GIrl Pink Cleansing Lotion™ ("IG Pink™") was our very first product, introduced and perfected circa 1995 -1997.It is the world's most versatile remover/cleanser. It "removes" (by selectively dissolving) paint overspray, graffiti, and many glues or sealants. With water dilution, It also acts as general purpose "cleanser/detergent" with varying properties and strength for difference purposes, depending upon the amount of water dilution.

Amazingly addition of water to IG Pink™ makes the solution self-heating and so more effective in dirt removal. Residue  (containing dissolved dirt} is then rinsed off with clean water.As a "remover", IG Pink™ has been used on carpet to remove nail polish, chewing gum, even paint (for a video demonsteation, click HERE).General cleaning of carpet is described below: - IG Pink™ is remarkably effective when used with copious water dilution in a "Rug Doctor®" home cleaning machine - the chemicals supplied with the machine seem inactive by comparion! We generally add a little Oxiclean®  for better sanitizing and color restoration. Be sure to rinse the carpet with two passes with just clean water to remove all the dissolved dirt and to make sure the surface dries without stickiness. Click HERE for technical information on IG Pink™ and our Cleanser/Conditioners.

Our Cleanser/Conditioners (SEA GLOW™ and NEUTRAL CLEAR™) are more potent at removing plastic breakdown products (oxidation and gum) but are designed to leave a residue that impregnates the underlying surface. This residue is a special "conditioner" formulated of anti-aging and color-enhancing preservatives that block oxidation, UV damage, even growth of mildew and algae.

To prevent leaching out of this condiioner from the underlying surface do NOT rinse with water (as with a hose) but rather inactivate the cleaning action by wiping with water-soaked paper towel of cloth. Then towel dry before sealing the surface with one of our sealant/protectants.

Both of our Cleanser/Condiioners restore and maintain color brightness, but the blue color of SEA GLOW™  further enhances "snowy whiteness" generated by the fluorescent conditioner and restores the "icy" look of clear rubber shoe soles.  However this means that the product may abnormally alter the color of "earth tones" (brown, beige etc) where you should  use NEUTRAL CLEAR ™ instead.

ELIXIR™ is the final member of this group of remover/cleansers that is also much more potent in preventing oxidation and color fade on gelcoat. As it dries, It uniquely "self-seals" the surface with a resin/wax layer. It is designed for use on rigid surfaces (gelcoat, lexan, paintwork). It is not suitable for highly flexible surfaces such as rubber and vinyl for which the classic cleanser/conditioners are ideal.

The properties of ELIXIR™ are discussed in more detail under the section on surface coatings and protectants below.


NO!  Weathering of regular paste wax surfaces leads to dullness and eventual superfical chalkiness once the dimethyl silicone gloss enhancers have "cooked off". This process is slower  if the fomulation contains resins and/or organofunctional silanes that trap the silicones.

Our  coatings (MIRROR HARD™, SIMPLY BRILLIANT™, NON-SLIP Superglaze™ can bead water for years and maintain gloss longer than any other product since they are composed almost entirely of resins. only SIMPLY BRILLIANT Superwax™ contains small amounts of a non-organic wax micro-particles that do not break down. Our SILKENSEAL™ coating largely consists of organofunctional silanes. the gloss eventually dulls but does not chalk.

Eventually the surface of our resin coatings do degeneralte into surface chalk. However if the resin layer underneath is still sound, this surface chalk can be wiped off with the aid of our Cleanser-Conditioners and shine restored with SILKENSEAL™ and/or MIRROR HARD™, even  NON-SLIP Superglaze™. However, if you suspect that the underlying gelcoat has also oxidised, repeat the "two step process" with ELIXIR™ and MIRROR HARD™.

Enter Text

Q: HOW  DO I REMOVE THE RESIN COATINGS (SB SUPERWAX™, MIRROR HARD™  NON-SLIP SUPERGLAZE™ to prepare for fiberglass repairs or painting

Use Toluene or xylene (or "Goof Off") and grey ("000" 3M Synthetic Stel Wool. if sufae roughness is OK, use "0" grade. Call us!

Click HERE to smooth scroll.


Our products are potent but gentle and selective in nature.

Undoubtedly, potent and NON-SELECTIVE solvents can damage plastic surfaces. Ever tried to use acetone to remove hull scuff marks from gelcoat and paint or to clean vinyl fenders? You know it dissolves some of the surface.

Toluene and Xylene are useful in some instances but they are toxic and can rot hypalon (which is othewise resistant to most solvents.).

Undiluted d-Limonene (the main ingredient in citrus-based cleaners) is highly flammable and can dissolve vinyl and polystyrene foam. This foam is used  in foam-cored fiberglass hulls. As a experiment try some d-limonene in a foam coffee cup. It will dissolve a hole through the bottom!

By contrast, the potent activity of our Cleanser/Conditioners is designed to be highly selective, only dissolving dirt and plastic breakdown products leaving good underlying material intact.

Selective solubility is ensured by careful selection of components, so that the main   solvent ingredients are "locked up" in a polymeric complex that only becomes active when "unlocked" onto the underlying surface. See explanation in our technical information section HERE and HERE.

With regards ot IG PInk™ its action can also be modified by dilution with water. For instance, on carpet, it can be used undiluted to remove nail polish, chewing gum even paint. Then, used with with copious water dilution (just 4 Oz per 2-3 gallons of water) it is remarkable effective in cleaning carpet using a Rug Doctor® or equivalent rental machine. Water rinsing is then used to remove traces of the cleanser.

Varying time of exposure and degree of abrasion is also a method for control of selectivity.  Although IG pink™ can be used undiluted to remove paint or marker pen grafitti, it is used sparingly and quickly with paper towel on delicate surfaces such as house or automobilie paintwork and then inactivated with water, as seen HERE.

Water is also necessary to "tame" the solvent effects of IG PInk™ on heat-stressed plexigass, on which ANY solvent can cause "crazing"

Glued Seams of Inflatable boats.

In order to answer questions about safety for use on inflatable boats, we did a test that was carried out over a TEN YEAR period. We soaked a segments of an old hypalon dinghy in our NEUTRAL CLEAR Cleanser/Conditioner™ (identical to SEA GLOW™ except for absence of blue dye).  After several months of soaking, the glued seam was still completely intact, so we stored the test container and when last observed at 10 years, the seam was STILL intact.  A video showing overnight soaking of an hypalon inflatable seam with IG Pink™ is shown HERE.

Although vinyl inflatable boats usually have heat-welded seams, some do not. We did tests for the manufacturers of Aquadutch® inflatable boats and soaked a segment of PVC dinghy for 4-6 weeks with NEUTRAL CLEAR™. The two-part glued seam was still intact. Similar soak tests with SILKENSEAL™ also showed no effect on integrity of the seams.

Regardless, when cleaning inflatable boats, it is a goid idea to avoid prolonged soaking of seams and inactivate our cleaners with water as soom as possible just in case an inferior adhesive might have been used  Especially avoid use around patches or accessories that are often affixed with single part adhesive.  For repairs, we always recommend  use of a 2-part adhesive (with catalyst)  where possible.

Safety of CLEAR HORIZONS™ on clear plastics. Unlike Rainex®  or other glass treatments, our product contains no solvents, acid or ammonia  It is therefore safe to use on clear plastics,  eyeglasses, even fine optics.