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October 2021: A personal message from Dr. Anthony L. Willis, Founder of ISLAND GIRL® Products:

As stated in March 2020.  I had planned to semi-retire in the Marshall Islands where I would continue participation with regards to online promotion via the Newsletter, and website maintenance but would also be involved in formulation and invention of products.  I  had planned to move onto my Gulf 32 sailboat and voyage to Majuro in the Marshall Islands later that year. Well fate, in the form of Covid-19  interfered with those plans.

Fast forward to October 2021. The Marshall Islands are only now beginning to relax the stringent precautions that have prevented Covid from taking hold in the islands. Indeed, there is a close to 100 percent vaccination rate In Majuro.

Finally leaving Honolulu Hawaii on July 19th 2021, I sailed there after almost a 2 month voyage (broken genoa head sail), Unable to fight a srong westerly current and running our of water and dieseI fuel, I  was towed into Majuro, by the local sea patrol (Marshallese Coast Guard). Although I had been fully vaccinated against Covid and tested just before leaving, I was quarantined at anchor given another Covid test, then grilled by the customs and immmigration officials. Then... “home sweet home" at the house of my adoptive Marshallese family.

We are now going to mix and bottle product here in Majuro. To this end I brought much raw material , some bulk and finished product and many bottles and labels.


Anthony L. Willis Ph.D, President IGP

PS. For those interested in further details of the voyage, its preparation and aftermath see  blogs on our Shopify site, where products are again available for online purchase.